Biomass and biomethane at mcTER Forest

Biomass and biomethane at mcTER Forest

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Between biomass, to which the mcTER Forest event day in Milan is dedicated, includes forestry sector residues, agricultural residues (straw and pruning leftovers), plants grown for energy purposes, industrial waste (especially wood), waste from animal husbandry (animal waste) and the organic fraction of solid urban waste.

Generally, they can be defined biomass all substances of organic, vegetable or animal matrix, destined for the production of energy, the production of agricultural fertilizer and so-called green chemistry to replace fossil sources with renewable organic raw materials in the manufacture of some products, such as plastic ones.

The final energy uses of biomass are the production of thermal energy, electricity and biofuels. Among the biofuels produced by biomass biomethane is also included, obtained from the refining of biogas, which a ministerial decree of December 2013 made it possible to introduce into the national gas network (as soon as the technical provisions are published) as well as to use in automotive and high-efficiency cogeneration.

According to a study by the European Environment Agency, in 2020 Italy will be among the richest European countries in bioenergy, along with France, Germany, Spain, Poland and Romania. The estimate includes both the bioenergy produced directly from biomass without intermediate steps (the wood) is that produced by biomass transformed into liquid or gaseous form.

The mcTER Forest event on 25 June in Milan aims to spread the culture of biomass and is organized by EIOM in collaboration with the Italian Thermotechnical Committee CTI under the patronage of FIPER of the Italian Federation of Energy Producers and of Renewable Sources.

The demonstration on biomass it will be flanked in the same location by three parallel events: mcTER, the reference appointment for cogeneration issues in the industrial and civil fields; mcTER Bio-Gas, dedicated to gaseous biofuels e mcTER Heat Pumps, dedicated to heat pumps and geothermal energy.

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