Sow the lawn, when and how

Sow the lawn it is not a complicated cultivation operation; you need suitable means, a passion for greenery and a little patience. The best month for sow the lawn it's September; in this period, the temperature is rather mild and this facilitates the growth of the turf. In this period, the weeds will almost all germinate and their spring development can be opposed, just when the lawn thickens before the winter vegetative rest. But let's see in detail how sow the lawn, following some useful indications.

Sow the lawn, the work to do

  • Before sow the lawn it is necessary to work the soil which consists of a deep hoeing: it serves to remove stones, debris and weed roots, thus leveling the soil.
  • Once this is done, it will be necessary to go over the ground a second time with a rake to remove any residues that may have deposited during the leveling phase.
  • After cleaning and leveling the soil, it will be necessary to enrich the soil with nutrients to encourage a lush growth of the turf. In this case we will add sand and peat to the soil.

Sow the lawn, fertilization
To ensure strength and resistance to the lawn it is necessary to practice a correct fertilization of the soil. In spring we can resort to a product with a high nitrogen content, while in summer we can resort to fertilizers with a high potassium content.

Sow the lawn, how to proceed

  • After hoeing the soil for a second time, you can proceed to sow the lawn: sowing can be done by broadcasting or with the help of a spreader trolley.
  • After sowing, it will be necessary to cover the soil with a layer of peat: this operation will not only favor the development of the lawn but will also serve to guarantee a constant level of humidity in the soil, thus preventing the shoots from drying out.

Useful tips: water the lawn regularly and with a gentle jet to avoid damaging the growing turf

Sow the lawn, thinned out areas
In spring it will then be necessary to proceed with the regeneration of the thinned out areas of the lawn which consists in re-sowing. In this regard, it is necessary to use seeds similar to the type of existing lawn, respecting the same characteristics such as exposure, climate, use of the surface.

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