Mother tincture, how it is prepared

Mother tincture, how it is prepared

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There tincture one of the preparations most used in phytotherapy for the treatment of various ailments. It is a natural remedy given that to prepare the tincture fresh plants harvested in their balsamic moment are generally used, that is when they contain the maximum of active ingredients. Let's see in detail how the mother tincture is prepared, following our guide, starting from the fresh plant: in this case the result will obviously be better, since the dried plants lose their active ingredients both during the drying period and the conservation period. .

Tincture, how to prepare

  1. Macerate in a sterilized glass container with hermetic seal, a part of the shredded fresh plant, preferably collected in its balsamic time, in 10 parts of ethyl alcohol: the alcohol content changes depending on the type of plant cut. This particular phase is called with the term hydroalcoholic maceration.
  2. Wait at least twenty-one days before subjecting the preparation to filtering and squeezing: every two / three days shake frequently so that the extraction takes place at its best.
  3. Then filter the preparation into another container using gauze then squeeze it well at the end: if there are residues left, proceed again using two overlapping gauze
  4. Bottle the mother tincture in dark glass containers and store for at least a completely dark place, away from direct light: stored in this way it will last up to 3/4 years.

In this table you will find the dilution doses of alcohol in water to obtain the alcohol content needed by the plant being treated

As for the alcohol content that each plant needs, you can find useful information in various texts available both on the web and in bookstores: a very reliable text is for example “Herbarium of Health” by Ferdinando Alaimo.

Tincture, how is the relationship between plant and alcohol calculated?
To calculate the plant-alcohol ratio, we must start from the dry weight of the plant in question.
Therefore, collect the plant, weigh it and let it dry quickly, also using the oven at a maximum of 40 degrees, preferably ventilated. Once dried, you have the correct weight to calculate the ratio between the plant and the alcohol: then put the fresh shredded plant in the glass jar and pour the ready-made solvent in the optimal alcohol content.
But when you go to calculate the water to be mixed with alcohol to obtain the desired alcohol content, you must consider that the fresh plant already has water: you discovered this at the time of drying, that is, by removing the weight of the dry plant from the fresh one. . Therefore, you will have to subtract that amount of water that is needed to prepare the desired alcohol content.

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