Electric Bicycles Prices and Photos

Electric Bicycles Prices and Photos

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There are many users who wonder about the convenience of an electric bike, the answer is not universal because it all depends on how much you will use thebicycleafter purchase. Regardless of lifestyle, today we will see thepricesof somemodelsofelectric bicyclescurrently on the market.


Speak aboutprices of electric bikesfor us it is not new: we are always updated on market trends and we have already faced this time several times. For example, in the article entitled "Electric bikes Prices "we examined the possibility of electric retrofitting of your bicycle by purchasing a particular wheel that integrates the motor and batteries, plus we saw some models such as:

  • E-Cycle folding electric bike
  • Smart electric bike
  • Miele PX-20
  • GABike

Today we will examine thepricesofelectric bikesof the latest generation, launched on the market in 2014.


Electric Bicycles Prices

  • eBike Pugeot
    With Peugeot electric bicycles you get to apricemaximum of 2,699 euros.
  • Bianchi Metropoli eBike Lady
    A pedal assisted city bike with an aluminum frame and disc brakes. The lithium battery is 36 V, positioned on the down tube. The bike has a luggage rack and the list price is 3,290 euros.
  • BH Emotion Xenion Race
    Extremely sporty and dynamic: a MTB with road tires weighing 19.90 kg, carbon fork and IBS Bosh engine at 400 W. The list price is € 1,975.
  • Atala E-Scape S
    A city bike with an aluminum frame and suspension fork. The 36 V battery allows you to travel up to 80 km in pedal assist mode. The motor is a 250 W brushless. It weighs about 23 kg and will weigh 1,299 euros in your wallet.
  • Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 SL 27.5
    Who is on the hunt forluxury electric bikes, with this model, you can play it safe. This is the top of electric MTBs. The frame is in light alloy, full suspension, Shimano XTR gearbox, the batteries are WPerformane and the engine is Bosh. Thepriceamounts to 5,299 euros. It weighs 21.3 kg.
  • Haibike Xduro Race 28
    The top of electric racing bikes. It weighs just 18.1kg, sports disc brakes, a 36V lithium-ion battery, and is priced at 6,000 euros.
  • Italwin K2
    It's about aelectric bicyclefoldable with 22 "wheels and oversized tires, disc brakes and 250 W motor. The battery is housed in the frame and is 36V. The declared range is 50 km and weighs 22 kg. Thepriceis around 1,570 euros.
  • KTM Macina Action 29 10-400
    This premium ebike registered KTM weighs about 19 kg, has 29 "wheels and a price of 2,499 euros.


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