Rider lawnmower, tips for choosing

Rider lawnmower, tips for choosing

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THE rider lawnmower have many advantages: they are more silent, they can be functional cleaning tools, they allow greater visibility and good comfort thanks to the seat equipped with sprung suspension.

Some models of rider lawnmower they are equipped with power steering to facilitate steering, others integrate a front lighting device and there is no shortage of safety systems that stop the machine in case of abandonment of the driving position.

The rider lawnmower it is a multifunctional tool as, with the right application, it can be used to perform a large variety of tasks. Among the various accessories of the rider lawnmower square the rotating sweeper that facilitates the collection of cut grass and leaves, the classic lawnmower, the snow blower to clear the driveway in the winter months, the grass cutter ...

Who wants to buy a rider lawnmower can read our article "Rider lawnmower, which one to choose "and follow i advice that follow.

The cut that you usually make on the lawn can be indicative at the time of choice: they exist on the market rider lawnmower prepared for mulching cut, multifunctional riders with hooks, riders with a front plate and all-terrain riders.

The rider lawnmower with mulching cut you can choose when the machine is used exclusively for the lawn: with mulching the grass is finely chopped and left in place to degrade.

The rider lawnmower with front plate is particularly useful if the grass to be cut is found under low foliage, benches, tables or other structures.

Those who need to cut narrow paths or paths full of curves will have to choose one rider lawnmower with a narrow radius of curvature, in this case we speak of articulated riders or "zero turn ", also perfect for situations that require numerous reversals as they turn on themselves and reduce maneuver times. On the other hand, those who have to mow a sloping lawn will need a rider lawnmower all-wheel drive.

The multifunctional rider
Who wants a rider not only for cutting the grass, you can choose a multifunctional one so that you can perform other functions such as:

  • cleaning courtyards and avenues
  • the airing of the turf
  • clearing the snow

Tips for choosing the deck of a Rider Lawnmower
Depending on the surface to be cut, it is good to choose the width of the cutting plate:

  • 70 cm, up to 2 thousand m2
  • 90 cm, up to 4 thousand m2
  • 100 cm, up to 5 thousand m2
  • 120 cm, up to 6 thousand m2
  • 130 cm, over 6 thousand m2

Using a large plate on small surfaces will shorten the cutting execution times, on the contrary, purchasing a plate that is too small will increase the cutting execution times.

In the photo, a husqvarna multifunctional rider

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