Creative workshop: no waste, all furniture

Creative laboratory it is the place where the materials considered by now in disuse come to life, indeed they re-come to life. As a laboratory, it deals with creating decorative items and furnishing accessories, but only how creative laboratory it does so by concentrating all its innovative and imaginative energies to recycle, transform and reuse everything that, by default, would end up in the trash. With amazing results, and creativity never ends.

1) When was the creative workshop born? How did the idea come about?
Creative laboratory by All - Pro was born in December 2013, after a difficult period of our family business that operates in the field of design and preparation of custom furniture. In 2012, affected as many by the crisis, we took the opportunity to become a creative laboratory, where you can experiment with processing techniques on new and different materials. The crisis gave us the inspiration and the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčopening a small one came creative craft workshop where we give new life to old objects, recovering them, recycling them and re-modernizing them.

2) What is the mission to be worked on in the Creative Laboratory?
Spreading our artisan tradition, our creativity, and at the same time giving space to the creativity of many artists and hobbyists who are looking for a showcase to make themselves known, always within our Creative laboratory. Each artisanal, hand-made product can become a system of relationships and collaborations, a continuous exchange of cultural, social and working experiences. It is about creative laboratory not only of objects, but of ideas. We also collaborate with companies to search for materials to be recycled: we want to know their history, their origin, we discuss how to reuse and recycle them.

3) What are the products that come out of your Creative Laboratory?
We create daily furnishing accessories and household items with recycled materials. From a bicycle rim, supported by kitchen knives, we made a table lamp. A piece of wood, decorated with shabby and pickled techniques, with a dozen jars of baby food, has become a spice shelf. Now in the creative laboratory we are working with rubber tires that will become planters and swings for children, and with pallets that we have converted into bottle racks and vertical gardens.

4) What materials do you use?
Wood, glass, paper, lace, cork, tin cans, bicycle rims, pallets are our raw materials. In addition many of our customers bring in the creative laboratory old objects that they find in their attics or garages and ask us to invent something. So we also work on commission: we define with our customers how to reuse the object they would like to throw away, we agree on the coating, the colors together and we get to work to recover it.

5) Are there any materials or techniques in the future that you want to explore?
For sure. In every home, in every place, in every factory, there are many materials and objects that are destined to be and become waste, we want to welcome them in our creative laboratoryinstead. We do not set limits because creativity has none.

6) In addition to your creative laboratory, as a company itself, what green measures have you taken?
All - Pro sas works in 3d furniture design tailor-made, so we do not have "waste" and stocks of materials, we avoid printing when presenting our concepts to the customer. I am also a consultant Feng Shui and I like to pass on to people the practice of decluttering: making room by getting rid of useless objects. Instead of throwing them in the landfill, why not think about how to revisit them and turn them into other useful items? Here then there is the creative laboratory.

7) If you were to make an appeal to reuse even the most stubborn, how would it sound?
Our homes are overloaded. If we all learned to conceive useless, old, broken, no longer fashionable things as possible resources, rather than waste, then recycling would become a pleasure. Everyone can be, on a small scale, a creative laboratory, daily, to improve the environment around us.

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