Photovoltaic in Italy, 2014 Report

Photovoltaic in Italy, 2014 Report

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According toSolar Energy Report 2014, thephotovoltaic in Italyit has over 550,000 operating plants with a cumulative capacity, at the end of 2013, of 17.9 GW. According to thedata on photovoltaics in Italy, in the last year new plants for a capacity of 1.45 GW have been connected to the electricity grid, of these, 21% is given by plants that have not benefited from the incentives on photovoltaic.

Photovoltaic in Italy 2014Report
THEdataon thephotovoltaic in Italyhave been released by the sixth edition ofSolar Energy Report 2014, created by the Energy & Strategy Group of the Politecnico di Milano. When it comes to photovoltaic in Italy, to the 550 thousand plants already included in the report, with the total capacity of 17.9 GW, we must add another 577 MW of plants already incentivized through theEnergy billand which will have to come into operation by May 2014.

The growth recorded in the sector ofItalian photovoltaic39 percent is attributable to the residential segment which is characterized by a large share (around 36 percent) of non-incentivized plants. Rather than using the photovoltaic incentives of the Energy Account, private individuals are satisfied with the tax deduction as a support tool for post-incentive investments.

The growth trend of residential and industrial sizes is the same already highlighted in 2012. The market photovoltaic in Italy sees the spread of small and medium-sized plants to guide the installations thanks to "indirect" incentive measures such as the aforementioned tax deductions and on-site exchange, in addition to the greater ease of resorting to self-consumption.

Large-sized plants (with a capacity exceeding 200 kW) are the prerogative of the industrial segment and are experiencing a very slow growth due to the more difficult achievement of high levels of self-consumption capable of making up for the lack of resorting to on-the-spot exchange.

Photovoltaic in Italy 2014, estimates
For 2014, a market in the order of 1 GW is estimated, given, for 50 percent, by residential cutting systems. About 40% of the market will instead be made up of commercial and industrial plants that will aim to obtain self-consumption shares close to 80 percent. A marginal role will be played by the sector ofsolar power plants, mainly given by projects already developed and which have not, however, had access to the incentive. There are forecasts of theItalian photovoltaic marketalso for the period 2015-2020 which sees growth, in addition to installed capacity, in technological terms: storage systems will spread (starting from the second half of 2015) and there could be a change in trend in terms of sizes. Starting from 2015, in a progressive way, we could see an increase in sizes. More than 50 percent of the market photovoltaic it may consist of commercial and industrial sizes due to the diffusion of Efficient User Systems.

Chinese photovoltaic in Italy
China is the leader of annual Italian installations which, in 2013, doubled the MW installed compared to the previous year. In percentage terms, that means 31 percent of the photovoltaic installed in Italy it is of Chinese manufacture.

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