Moths in clothes, how to get rid of them

Moths in clothes, how to get rid of them

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Moths in clothes, here are all the effective remedies to eliminate them. From the best natural moth to the moth to put in the closet. All advice onhow to get rid of moths in closets.

The moths in clothes represent a big problem for clothes stored in the wardrobe. Have you ever found yourself with a wool or cotton garment full of holes? It is the fault of the moths. Those little holes you notice in your clothes are tangible proof that they livemoths in your closet. Moths are small insects that, in their life cycle, go through a larval stage in which they feed on tissues. The larvae are difficult to identify, but their presence is given to us by our clothes with holes in them or damaged.

The moths adults are very common and easy to recognize. On the market, you will find many specific chemicals (mothproof) to fight moths in closets and in this guide we will talk about it, we will talk not only about anti-moth products to buy but also do-it-yourself remedies. First, however, let's try to remove some doubts ... for example, how do moths get into your clothes?

How moths form in closets

If you are wonderingwhere do clothes moths come from, know that they do not manifest asmiraculous apparitions. Themothsthey come from an infected head only rarely, the fertile female adult arrives flying through the window.

How do moths form in closets? If you buy an item at a vintage flea market or even in a store that has moth problems in the warehouse, it is likely that it may contain moth eggs. When you get home, put the garment in the closet, the eggs hatch, larvae form and start causing holes in your clothes. The larvae moult and you will find the adults fluttering amiably in your walk-in closet, ready to reproduce again, lay new eggs and above all feed on the fabrics of your clothes. Here where do clothes moths come from!

Moths in clothes, natural remedies

Fortunately, there are natural remedies to avoid any damage in the change of season. They are simple but effective remedies that allow you not to resort to mothproof which may prove to be, even if effective, dangerous not only for the environment but also for the health of young and old. Let's see in detail how to delete the moths in clothes, following some useful indications.

How to get rid of moths from closets

  • Disinfect the wardrobe at each change of season.
  • After washing the surfaces thoroughly with water and vinegar, add some cedar wood essence.
  • Cedarwood essential oil is very effective in keeping moths away, know that most ofnatural mothson the market are based on cedar wood.
  • Before putting your clothes away, do a preliminary wash. As a precaution, before putting away your clothes, during the change of season, add a natural mothproof such as, for example, cedar wood tablets, bay leaves, cloves, guinea chestnuts ... This is useful in phase of change of season but also to remove moths from drawers and wardrobes.
  • Never leave dirty clothes in the closet.

Another natural remedy effective against moths is represented by the peel of the roots of the Dalmatian iris alba: to prepare it, just cut them into thin slices, macerate them for at least a week in the lye and then dry them in the sun. Pour everything into organza bags and place them between the clothes: they give a very pleasant scent and defend, at the same time, from moth attacks.

Moths in clothes, how to get rid of them

Naphthalene is not recommended for eliminating moths: it is toxic and if inhaled or worse, ingested, it can cause serious damage. If you are going to use a chemical moth repellent to fix the problem, go for it, but with the knowledge that you will be using a moth repellent for a couple of weeks - just enough time to fix the problem! During this time, try to wash your clothes very often. These additional washes should not only be done to eliminate moths but also to reduce contact between the skin and the chemical anti-moth you have purchased.

Among the manymothproofon the market, choose one duly registered, patented and labeled asSurgical medical deviceas they are more effective and screened by the ministry of health. But make no mistake: despite the clearance from the ministry of health, it is still a product not to be inhaled (irritating to the respiratory tract) and allergenic.

Generally, mothproofs come in the form of strips to hang in the wardrobe or place in drawers.

Among the most common and easy to find, I would like to point out the Raid mothproof. This product is very effective but not healthy for humans or the environment so use it responsibly without exceeding! If you have a large closet, put two strips, otherwise limit yourself to only one ... generally similar products need at least 48 hours to start taking effect so if in the first two days you don't see tangible effects, don't add another one but wait!

As a precaution, avoid that the product can come into direct contact with your fabrics.

The mentioned product can be bought in the most well-stocked supermarkets or on Amazon, where it is available at a price of 9.81 euros and free shipping costs, contains 6 pieces and each piece lasts six months. For all information you can visit the dedicated Amazon page: Raid Gel Multipack.

Natural anti-moths

Alternatively, on the market, you can find quite effective but natural and more harmless products. Natural moth moths are harder to find in supermarkets than the chemicals mentioned earlier.

Amongnatural mothsmore immediate and effective, I point out a spray to be sprayed directly in the closets and on the fabrics to be treated. It is an anti-moth spray proposed in 500 ml bottles. On Amazon, this product can be purchased at a price of 11.88 euros with free shipping costs. For all information, please refer to "to this Amazon page“.

The images of the moths on this page represent, above, two adults in the mating phase, below, a moth larva in textile fibers.

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