Nissan Leaf incentives, the EV is paid 6 thousand euros less

Nissan Leaf incentives, the EV is paid 6 thousand euros less

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The incentives to buy electric cars have left a bad taste in the mouth of many potential buyers who, discouraged by the prices, have turned to the classic fuel engine. In this context, the Japanese manufacturer Nissan launched a plan of incentives completely personal.

Let's talk about Nissan Leaf incentives. The price of the Nissan Leaf is not that low, which is why the carmaker has decided to increase sales with a benefit for customers of 6,100 euros.

Nissan Leaf incentives
Waiting for the incentives state for the electric cars, the Nissan has decided to advance for the month of April encouraging the purchase of the Nissan Leaf, the best-selling pure electric in the world. With over 100,000 cars sold, Nissan LEAF it is the most driven electric car in the world. The incentives amount to 5,000 euros + VAT. The incentives for the purchase ofLeaf electric car they have a very limited period: from 1 to 30 April 2014, they last only one month.

Nissan Leaf Price turnkey with incentives of the builderis
Thanks to the Nissan Leaf incentives, the car costs, for the entry version Visia, about 18,690 euros for the purchase with the battery rental formula at 79 euros per month. Thanks to incentives of the manufacturer, the price of the Nissan Leaf with battery pack included, it drops to 24,590 euros.

Nissan Leaf, some details about the car
There Nissan Leaf proposes itself on the market with:

  • Battery pack consisting of 48 compact modules, mounted under the passenger compartment
  • Declared autonomy of 199 km for the NEDC cycle
  • Maximum declared speed of 144 km / h
  • Declared acceleration: 11.5 seconds for the 0-100 km / h sprint
  • Five-year or 100,000 km battery pack warranty
  • Regenerative mode of energy recovery under braking with a minimum speed of 3 km / h
  • Synchronous motor that develops 80 kW of power
  • Size: 445cm long, 177cm wide, 155cm high
  • There are three versions available: Visia, Acenta and Tekna, the top of the Nissan range

Some aesthetic differences for the three versions of Nissan Leaf

  • 16 ″ wheels, black mirror caps for Leaf Visia
  • 16 ″ wheels, rear camera and tinted windows for Leaf Acenta
  • 17 "wheels and LED headlights for Leaf Tekna.

Nissan Leaf from 30kWh - New Leaf 2016

Nissan has released a major update to the Leaf. The Leaf as described in this article is still on sale but a model with a more powerful battery pack (30 kWh) and therefore with a greater real range is added to the range. All information:Nissan Leaf, real autonomy.

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