Green magma Properties

Green Magma Properties: is called green magma, also known as barley grass juice, and is described as a real food as it provides the body not only with vitamins, mineral salts but also iron, proteins and enzymes.

The property ofbarley grass made the green magma in different locations around the globe: in the east, the green magma it is even distributed in bars, gyms and street kiosks! The popularity of the green magma in Asian countries it has grown as a result of various analyzes and publications; if in Italy ofgreen magmawe only talk about it today, already in 2003 onDepartment of Nutrition and Food Science Taiwan sponsored research that showed how the barley juice,thanks to its peculiarproperty, favors a series of antioxidant processes, hindering the formation of free radicals, lowering the level of LDL cholesterol (the bad one, so to speak) and promoting the action of the immune system.

Green Magma Properties
L'barley grass owns double thefootball contained in milk, twice the potassium contained in wheat, 7 times the vitamin c contained in oranges, 30 times the vitamin b complex contained in milk, 5 times the iron in spinach, more than 70 enzymes, including the now known antioxidant SOD (Superoxide dismutase), one of the secrets, now revealed, of the eternal youth of Hollywood stars and many Olympians.

The vitamin C content is flanked by Vitamins E and B, beta carotene and 19 amino acids. Among the minerals present, in addition to the aforementioned calcium and iron, there are magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and zinc.

Lovers of "chlorophyll juice " (a drink consisting of several green leafy vegetables mixed together) will find the green magma even more interesting.

Thegreen Magma is obtained using the "cold air jet" technology, the spray dry, which also won the prestigious international "Science and Technology Agency Award". The technology is able to pulverize, in a few seconds, the juice obtained from small and greenbarley leaves, without losing the important nutritional properties.

How Green Magma is taken
To fully enjoy the property of the Green Magma it is possible to buy sachets of dehydrated product. Just put a tablespoon of green powder in the shaker Green Magma and mix with a glass of water.

Better not to assume the green magma in hot infusions or preparations: enzymes lose their bio-activity at temperatures above 40 degrees.

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