Grow the medlar in pots

Grow the medlar in pots

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The medlar it can be easily grown in jar: from the nursery it is possible to find one dwarf variety of the medlar which can be comfortably grown in pots, placed on the terrace or balcony. Today we will see how grow medlar in pots.

The medlar can be grown in the espalier by building a scaffold where the slender branches can be fixed. The medlar in vase it will need a sheltered position in the cold seasons, especially if the winters are northern and particularly cold.

Grow the medlar in pots, the choice of the vase
Whereas the "dwarf" varieties of medlar they can reach a maximum of 2 meters in height, it is necessary to choose suitable pots.

The diameter
The pots to be able cultivate the medlar they must have a diameter of at least 40 or 50 cm. It is better not to choose an excessively large pot as it would penalize the vegetation on the surface until the fruit does not appear, this because an excessive space would favor a disproportionate development of the roots.

The material
Better to choose lightweight materials, easy to move and able to retain moisture for a long time. Also consider the aesthetic factor: during the winter the plant will have to be moved to a sheltered position, this means having to bring it closer to the inhabited areas of the house. The ideal materials are wood and plastic.

A terracotta pot could be just as useful, especially if a layer of pine bark is added to the surface which manages to modulate the soil moisture correctly. The only drawback of terracotta is its weight: if you have the possibility to place it on a mobile base, a terracotta vase could be the ideal solution.

Grow the medlar in pots, the loam
The ideal soil for fruit plants consists of about 40% peat and 60% clayey soil. The peat in fact allows a good drainage to the plant, while the clayey soil favors its stability. It is recommended to administer organic fertilizer at the beginning of the year and distribute a layer of compost at the base of the tree.

When to start growing medlar
To give these plants time to emit new roots and overcome the difficulties that arise from a transplant, it is recommended to start growing the medlar in autumn, in view of the vegetative rest.

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