How to recycle leftover soap bars

How to recycle leftover soap bars

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How many times have we thrown away the remains of soap? They become so small that they can no longer be used. In this regard we illustrate how to recycle soap bars, following our instructions.

How to recycle soap bars, a new soap

  • Remains of soap bars
  • Small saucepan
  • Some molds of the shape you prefer


  1. After having recovered all the leftovers of soap, pour them into a saucepan and put them to melt in a bain marie
  2. As soon as the soap has melted, pour it into a mold and let it cool for a couple of hours
  3. As soon as the soap has solidified, remove it from the mold

Here is a new bar of soap obtained from the scraps of soap bars. If you like DIY, you can also make beautiful soaps using natural ingredients available at home. For further information | How to make soaps at home

Useful information: there is also an even easier way to create a new soap from leftovers: just wet the remaining flakes and place them on top of the new soap. After the first use, these will join together to form a single bar of soap.

How to recycle soap bars, drawer fragrances
With the scraps of the soap bars we can make perfumers for wardrobes or drawers: to make them just collect all the leftovers and put them in small bags of veil. They can then be placed in drawers and cupboards instead of the usual commercial perfumes.

How to recycle soap bars, dressmaker's chalk
The classic seamstress chalk used to draw a pattern on the fabric, can be easily replaced with small pieces of soap: they lend themselves very well as emergency chalk, they have excellent writing and the line is easily removed without leaving traces.

How to recycle soap bars, garden soap
With the leftovers of the soaps we can make a bar of soap to use to wash our hands when we are in the garden.
It will be sufficient to collect the leftovers of soap inside an old nylon stocking. When you have to wash your hands, after doing some work, all you have to do is roll the sock in your hands. Here in this way you will not waste even a small piece.

All these suggestions listed above lead to economic savings and a more respectful attitude towards the environment