How to prune hedges

How to prune hedges

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The hedges they represent a sort of vegetal barrier made up of plants that are grown at a close distance in order to have a compact appearance. In this regard we will give you some useful tips on how to prune hedges in the right way.
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How to prune hedges, hedge type
To create a hedge we can use some species such as conifers, flowering plants or plants that produce colored berries.
Hedges can be classified into four types: thorny, irregular, ornamental and hedges, characterized by a significant development in height.

How to prune hedges, the period
Pruning is performed in different periods, i.e. according to the type of hedge:

  • species that produce berries, pruning should be done in winter before flowering
  • hornbeam hedges should be pruned in March
  • evergreen hedges should be pruned in late winter and then in late spring
  • tamarisk hedges should be pruned in spring
  • the box hedges in June and September.

How to prune hedges, the directions
As we have already mentioned, the hedge requires some pruning, especially if it is a species that develops faster. With pruning we can create shapes, keep them compact and control their growth.
First, pruning serves to facilitate the formation of new shoots
Subsequently, after at least three years, action must be taken to better direct its growth.

  • For plants with vigorous growth, pruning must be done at the base, then they must be thinned at the top and at the sides during the summer period: during growth, it is preferable to leave the branches short, after the third year onwards it will be sufficient to adjust the crown in volume and height.
  • Evergreen hedges have a more vigorous growth and therefore require more interventions during the year
  • Climbing hedges, on the other hand, should be pruned cleanly in late winter or early spring, always keeping the disordered growth of the branches under control.

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