Water saving, useful tips

Water saving, useful tips

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Water is an indispensable resource for life, and it is not renewable! Contribute to water saving it is a duty of every citizen, an act of responsibility towards a common good. In this regard, below you will find a series of suggestions on water saving in home.

Water saving, in home

  • Periodically carry out the classic maintenance work: even small leaks in the long run can lead to enormous waste of water
  • Install smart mixers on taps: old knobs waste a lot of water in the temperature regulation phase
  • Reduce the water pressure: a jet of water that is too strong causes enormous water waste
  • Install low water consumption taps: alternatively, high water efficiency showers can be adopted to be installed on the existing taps
  • Insert a regulator for the toilet flush. Alternatively, a couple of bricks can be placed in the toilet in order to increase the volume of water and reduce consumption
  • If you have air conditioners, recover the water that comes out of the device: it is distilled water, which can be used in the iron or to water the orchids at home

Water saving, cleanliness and hygiene

  • Reduce the duration of the shower and stop the flow of water while soaping: three minutes is enough
  • By the same principle, stop the flow of water while brushing your teeth
  • Do not wash the vegetables under running water but use the bowls
  • To wash the car avoid running water and prefer dry cleaning
  • In domestic cleaning, use filtered rainwater: a rainwater collection system can be installed by arranging it in correspondence with the gutters For further information | How to recover rainwater

Water saving in the garden in the garden

  • Recover the pasta cooking water to irrigate the plants
  • Prefer micro irrigation systems: it will distribute the water selectively and only when needed
  • Program watering using a timer
  • If you do not want to install a low-consumption irrigation system, use the watering can to distribute the water more optimally, avoiding water stagnation: they are the worst enemy of plants.

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