Volkswagen e-Golf, performance

Volkswagen e-Golf, performance

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There Volkswagen e-Golf will complete the choice of engines in the range Golf. After the petrol GTI, the diesel GTD and the hybrid drive GTE, the Electric golf.

There Volkswagen e-Golf will debut on the European market in the late spring of this 2014. The price, for now, it has not been disclosed, on the contrary, the technical characteristics that will accompany the Volkswagen e-Golf.

There Electric golf it will be equipped with a 115 hp engine and 270 Nm of torque immediately available. Acceleration sees the sprint from zero to 100 km / h covered in 10.4 seconds. As for the top speed, this was limited to 140 km / h: as always happens with the electric cars, if you push too hard on the accelerator, the autonomy of the battery pack decreases. The transmission is single-speed but there are different modes (D1, D2, D3 and B), thanks to which it will be possible to adjust the regeneration under braking and the settings to improve the speed / range ratio.


With Eco mode, the engine power is reduced to 70 kW and the maximum speed is also lowered to around 115 km / h. With the driving mode Eco + the values ​​drop to an output of 55 kW and only 90 km / h. Just squeeze the accelerator all the way down to bring back the standard values ​​and fully enjoy the engine's 115 HP.

As is clear the Volkswagen e-Golf it is a perfect city car: it offers very low fuel consumption and a range varying from 130 to 190 km based on the Drive Mode chosen. The lithium-ion batteries are 24.2 kWh and weigh a total of 318 kg. Recharging is done in 13 hours using the common 230 Volt domestic socket. Charging times are reduced to 8 hours with the 3.6 kW Wall Box (you can choose from the options), and again, to just 30 minutes if you choose fast charging with the 40 kW high voltage CCS systems.

There Volkswagen e-Golf stands out from other models in the range Golf for some stylistic details such as the Full Led optical groups with new design for daytime running lights and decorations Think Blue of the front grille, 16-inch Astana aerodynamic alloy wheels, more soundproofed passenger compartment, improved suspension and the addition of a heat pump to make the "climate" more efficient.


Volkswagen e-Golf, the price
As anticipated, the price has not been formalized. With the starting price, however, you will have standard equipment available which includes Discover Pro multimedia system with satellite navigator, heated windscreen, automatic climate control, leather steering wheel, Merlin e-gray and Clip Titanium fabric upholstery Black, the Iridium Matrix and Dark Magnesium dashboard finishes and the special instrumentation with power display that replaces the rev counter and indicators for the remaining charge.

Volkswagen e-Golf, the technical sheet of Electric golf
Electric motor power: 115 HP
Maximum torque: 270 Nm immediately available
Batteries: 24.3 kw lithium ion
Charging times: 13 hours at home - 8 hours with the Wall Box - 30 minutes to reach 80% charging with the CCS system
Autonomy: up to 190 km
Weight: 1510 kg


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