Ecological furniture with Woodly, especially for children

Ecological furniture means high quality wood furniture with a long life and sustainable and firm finishes. It means Woodly and Valerio Vinaccia tells us how to ecological furniture has also integrated the passions for cycling and children, obtaining green and high quality results, always with attention to detail.

1) When were you born and which were the first produced?
Woodly was born as an idea in mid-2012, we dedicated 8/10 months to the development of the global concept, the design of the first products, of the first ecological furniture. We have also thought about communication strategies, favoring the internet, for reasons of diffusion and costs. Today 90% of sales of ecological furniture and other products, always ecological, takes place through direct contacts with customers, via the internet.

2) Why are you sustainable in the production processes of ecological furniture?
Our products, primarily i ecological furniture, are handmade locally, with wood that comes from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified sources. They have 100% ecological finishes, in shellac and wax, the electricity used is 100% from renewable sources. The laboratory from which ours come out ecological furniture it is heated with processing waste and, when this is not enough, with wood from the local woods. The house and offices have been renovated trying to respect the principles of bio-architecture.

3) And in the choice of raw materials, how do you see the sustainability of your company?
The most used material for ours ecological furniture is the wood and is chosen with the utmost care as well as the finishes, with the end user in mind.

4) Are there other precautions that make you a truly green company?
Producing ecological furniture, one of our battles is against recycling: while it makes sense to recycle a mobile phone because technology ages quickly, it makes no sense to recycle a mobile, it must be done to last a long time and indeed improve over time. THE ecological furniture follow this vision.

5) What types of products do you offer? Which are the most requested ecological furniture and why?
I have decided to develop two themes dear to me, children and bicycles, somehow both represent a possible better future. We first put the line of cribs and beds into production, also because I had made the prototypes for my twins, the first users of ecological furniture. We will soon present a product that is not part of the ecological furniture but remains in perfect Woodly philosophy: the new bike carrier in the definitive version.

6) What is the typical customer looking for ecological furniture?
Ours is an advanced customer who wants a healthy and quality product. For ours ecological furniture to date we have only had compliments, perhaps because we give more than what people expect.

7) Woodly's Inn: what is it about?
We said to ourselves: but if a farm can have an agritourism, why a production company like ours? ecological furniture, can't have something like that? Tourism? The inn opens at the end of May with two bedrooms, one double with bathroom, and one suite, bedroom + study + bathroom, all in Woddly style, in bed and breakfast mode.

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