Spring cleaning: how to do it without poisoning yourself

Spring cleaning: how to do it without poisoning yourself

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The spring cleaning they must be a healthy revolution, not an opportunity to bring home a lot of harmful substances by abusing cleaning products that are bad for your health. The air and the sun are the first thing you need for house hygiene after the winter 'confinement' and it is time to open the windows long enough, preferably in the central hours of the day when the outside temperature allows you to keep the radiators off. Once this is done, be as green as possible in the choice of cleaning products and systems.

To do spring cleaning it does not mean making the 'change of season', for that there is still time, but getting rid of the dust accumulated during the winter, starting with carpets and blankets that will soon be put away. Let's not forget that the hygiene of blankets, carpets and mattresses is of fundamental importance against biological contaminants (the so-called anthropotoxins produced by physiological activities such as breathing, sweating, desquamation and sneezing) which also cause allergies and become more harmful indoors with the heating on.

Against the anthropotoxins that lurk in the fabrics, in addition to regular washing, the most effective measure is frequent and long exposure to the sun. In winter it is a problem but with the summer it becomes possible. The carpets need to be beaten frequently but the spring cleaning they are also the right time for that deep washing that should be done at least once a year. No need for dry cleaning or chemicals: carpets can be washed effectively with rags soaked in water and vinegar and / or water and ammonia. You can use excellent homemade detergents, even better disinfect with steam: steam cleaners are a beautiful invention because they allow you to do without detergents.

Specific cleaners for rugs and carpets are to be avoided in spring cleaning (and not only) because instead of solving them they aggravate hygiene problems by soaking the fibers with harmful substances that will be slowly released. The same goes for insecticides, which are another major cause of pollution (and not hygiene) in the home. If with spring you find ants at home, remove them with natural solutions and systems. There are several and they work well.

The spring cleaning they are also the right time for a good cleaning inside and outside of cabinets and drawers, which in turn need to get some air. Here, too, chemical aggressions are not needed: once the dust is removed and a damp cloth has been wiped, you can brush the inside of the cabinets and drawers with a solution based on beeswax diluted with propolis. In addition to nourishing the wood, this solution will keep moths away from clothing as well as woodworms.

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