Contributions for energy efficiency and agriculture

Energy efficiency is agriculture are the target of some interesting loans made available by the Lombardy Region and the Mountain Community of the Brembana Valley in 2014. Recipients are existing companies in all sectors, in the case ofenergy efficiency, and young graduates and non-graduates who want to become agricultural entrepreneurs.

On the subject of energy efficiency and reduction of the environmental impact, the contributions are disbursed by the Comunità Montana Valle Brembana (Bg) to support the investments of companies used for these purposes. Small and medium-sized artisanal, commercial and artistic enterprises registered with the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce with headquarters in Lombardy and operating units in one of the municipalities of the Brembana Valley can benefit from it.

The expenses eligible for the subsidies are those of a minimum amount of 3 thousand euros incurred starting from 1 October 2012 and intended for: innovate company structures and in particular the replacement of highly energy-absorbing equipment with environmentally friendly technologies forenergy efficiency; innovate the methods of organization and computerization of the activity; equipment for safety and crime risk prevention; qualification and modernization of sales spaces and acquisition of equipment for sale and services.

These are contributions for the energy efficiency and the reduction of the environmental impact, but the costs of the building works necessary for the above are also included. The amount disbursed varies from 55% to 65% of eligible expenses and applications must be submitted by 31 March.

On the subject of agriculture, the Lombardy Region has published a tender for the granting of grants aimed at supporting the settlement of young agricultural and forestry operators. Here we are talking about financial aid in capital account of 15 thousand euros if in a disadvantaged area, 10 thousand euros if in a non-disadvantaged area. There is time until 30 September 2014 for submitting applications.

Of these contributions for agriculture persons aged between 18 (completed) and 40 (not yet completed) who: have exercised, for at least 2 years, agricultural activity in an agricultural company-company as a family assistant or agricultural worker can benefit; have a degree in agriculture, veterinary medicine or the natural sciences; have a high school diploma, a vocational school or a vocational training center in the agricultural field (with specific professional training of at least 3 years).

Young farmers aspiring agricultural entrepreneurs, at the time of submitting the application, must be at the 'debut' in agriculture as owners or legal representatives with the power of director of a sole proprietorship, an agricultural company or a cooperative company who guarantee work for at least: one Work Unit Year (AWU), equal to 1,800 hours / year, if located in the area not disadvantaged; 0.5 ULA, equal to 900 hours / year, if located in a disadvantaged area.

Together with the request for contributions, farmers must submit a business plan for the development ofagricultural activity containing: the initial situation of the farm; the specific key elements and objectives for the development of the farm's activities; details relating to investments, training, consultancy or any other actions necessary for the development of the farm's activities; the methods envisaged for the financial coverage of investments; a positive preventive opinion on the financial sustainability of the investment, expressed by a Confidi of the sector agriculture or from a banking institution.

For information on the call energy efficiency for companies in the Brembana Valley: Credit Desk of the Fogalco Cooperative, Via Borgo Palazzo, Bergamo (tel. 035 4120321 - Matteo Milesi).

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