How car2Go in Rome works

After Milan, the car-sharing of car2go also came to Rome. Service car2go is leader of marcato in the field of car-sharint "One way", it is active 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. How car2go in Rome works? Similar to what is already happening in Milan and in many other European cities, users can subscribe to the service, download the app on their smartphone, geolocate the Smart closer and then rent it completelypeculiar: once rented, the car must not be returned or re-deposited at the starting point.

Well ... if after a night at the pub I have not found a ride back, eye one Smart car2go and I'm back with that! The only constraint I have is not to leave the area of ​​Rome covered by the service.

How car2Go in Rome works - key concepts

  • To access the service, you must register online at the portal.
  • Registration is free until April 15 and the user will receive a credit equal to 30 minutes of free service. After the promotional period the registration price will be 19 euros.
  • The user will have 500 Smart phones scattered throughout the Roman territory, the operational area covered by the service is about 100 square kilometers.
  • The rental cost is € 0.29 per minute, including taxes, insurance, fuel, parking costs, the first 50 km and VAT.
  • Car2go vehicles can be hired at any time, used when needed and can be parked in the blue lines for free.

How car2Go in Rome works - practical instructions

  1. You register on the portal
  2. Download the App on your smartphone: the car2go App is available for both Apple's Android and iOS operating systems
  3. Launching the App map, the Smart available nearest and you "book", the reservation it is free but has a limited time.
  4. Upon entering the car, you will have to answer automatic questions (in what condition did you find the car? Dirty? Clean? Is maintenance required?).
  5. When you are ready to go, all you have to do is shift into gear and arrive at your destination. Park the car and stop.
  6. The rate per minute will be charged directly to the credit card details entered when registering for the service.

Where to park the Smart Car2Go in Rome?
As stated, it is possible to leave the Smart car2go, for free, on the blue stripes. In addition, there are affiliated car parks, so you can leave the rented car, free of charge, in the ATAC "park and ride" spaces at Angelo Emo, Battistini, Elio Rufino, Ostiense Eur Magliana, Nomentana and Tiburtina, without additional monthly or annual fees.

The Smart car2Go can they access the ZTL?
Yes, the cars car2go can cross all the ZTL - Limited Traffic Zones of Rome and registered users pay only for the actual use they make of the service with an all-inclusive cost per minute.

To subscribe to the service car2go you must necessarily have a current account / credit card or you can also pay with prepaid card like paypal card or poste pay?
Payment for the service is made by credit card or prepaid card. Registration - after the promotional period - has a one-off cost of 19 euros, including 30 minutes of rental.

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