How to get rid of weeds

How to get rid of weeds

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How to get rid of weeds: remedies to eradicate weeds from the vegetable garden, garden, from the gravel path or from the curb.

The weeds, in addition to aesthetically damaging the garden, they can frustrate the efforts made to take care of the plants and our garden! The seeds ofweedsthey are carried by the wind or by the irrigation waters themselves and end up proliferating everywhere! From the garden to the edge of the pavement, from the cobblestone and gravel path to the splendid vegetable garden.

Remedies for weeds

Sure, we can get rid of the weeds with targeted herbicides, but why pollute the soil where our food grows or where our children play? If the weeds occur despite careful and constant maintenance of the green, it will be appropriate to try remove weeds with more drastic methods.

Fortunately, there are natural remedies that are effective against weeds. In this regard we will see how to get rid of weeds using natural methods.

How to eliminate weeds in the vegetable garden

Some weeds like the weed, they are able to steal light, water and nutrients needed by the plants in our garden. The weeds they feed to the detriment of crops.


Weeding is the classic method of weeding. This practice consists in weeding the weeds manually or with the help of a weeder that allows you to move the soil. In this practice, care must be taken not to damage the leaves and roots of thegarden crops.

Weeding is advantageous for the vegetable garden: you will also get the result of moving the more superficial clods, thus allowing the soil and the roots of our plants to take air

The fire weeding

The fire weeding consists in disinfesting the soil with a flame. This operation must be done before sowing so as to completely avoid the birth of weeds. With flame weeding, the high temperatures completely eliminate the seeds or rhizomes of old weeds already present in the soil. This is a very good method but only if there are no fallow fields in the surroundings: the wind can carry the seeds of the weeds into yourvegetable garden!


Solarization consists in exploiting a natural thermal shock. After freeing thevegetable gardenfrom the remains of the cultivation, put a plastic sheet on the surface to be “treated” and buried the edges. Leave the plastic sheet in place for at least 20-30 days. Within a month of sun exposure, the "weed control" will have reached a layer of at least 20 cm of soil.


Mulching is a technique widely used in agriculture to protect the soil, retain moisture, save water and combat the onset of weeds. For all information on how to remove weeds from the vegetable garden, see the pageDo-it-yourself mulch.

Garden care

Never leave the land fallow at any time of the year. You can maybe dedicate yourself to the cultivation of aromatic herbs or vegetables whose cultivation does not require much effort or still, take advantage of green fertilization with the green manuring technique.

Remove weeds from sidewalks and gravel

If, in the garden, you have a cobbled path or a sidewalk made with gravel or other aggregates, it is possible that the weeds make room for themselves by growing in the soil residues placed between the different stone units.

Weeds are very resistant so they spread everywhere! The remedies in this paragraph are also useful forremove weeds from the walls.

In this context you can use delhomemade herbicideor two of the techniques listed above:

  • weeding with blowtorch
  • sunburn with plastic sheeting

Again, when theweedsthey grow among the cobblestones of a driveway, to eliminate them, just cover them with a good number of newspaper sheets. Without sunlight, weeds will die easily and root weeds will be easy to pull out.

Ahomemade herbicideit is easily prepared with coarse salt or sodium hypochlorite ... do not worry, sodium hypochlorite is nothing more than bleach. If there are no other plants in the immediate vicinity, you can sprinkle the plant with coarse salt and add boiling water ... The weed will die shortly. Pure bleach is also very effective.

How to get rid of weeds from your garden and lawn

To eliminate weeds from your lawn or garden, it is important to act with targeted actions. For the list of weeds that can attack your garden and the necessary care to eliminate them, please refer to the dedicated page:weeds in the lawn.

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