Raising Sheep, here's how to get started

For raise sheep for a small flock, we advise you to adapt the facilities you already own. For breed percore you need a shelter like a stable (perhaps obtained by recovering a country structure), and the animals must be able to access the pasture. Who does not have a stable and still wants raise sheep can use a simply rationally equipped canopy.

Raising sheep, the needs of a herd of 10 females and a ram
The typical situation of a little one sheep breeding sees 10 females and a ram. Primarily for raise sheep it is necessary to have a passion for this animal that is very useful in various circumstances: there is who raise sheep just to keep a large uncultivated area clean, grazing sheep can be as efficient as a lawn mower!

What do you need for raise sheep
A small herd of 10 females and a ram needs access to the pasture area attached to the stable. The grazing area must be extended about 100 meters by 100. Having one hectare of land available, a sheep breeding organizing a perimeter fence consisting of a metal mesh supported by recycled wooden posts. In addition, the pasture area must be organized into intermediate plots so that rotations can be made. In the pasture area it will be necessary to provide for the presence of some trees capable of giving some shade to sheep, very useful in summer.

The shelter must include a shed or a stable measuring 5 by 5 meters, so as to allow the animals to move comfortably. Those who do not have an old structure to convert into a stable can set up a shed at least 1.5 meters high from the ground (perhaps it can be erected with wooden boards) and closed on three sides because sheep must be kept away from drafts. The floor of the shelter must be covered by at least 10 cm of straw which will be changed continuously to guarantee sheep a warm and dry environment.

A system of feeders cannot be missing in the shelter (two feeders for every 10 sheep), the dimensions of the feeders must guarantee 40 cm for each head in order to allow sheep to have simultaneous access to cereals and feed. At a height of one meter, on one of the walls of the shelter, a rack must be placed in order to administer to sheep hay. Obviously, a cup drinking trough should not be missing (one is enough for every 10 sheep).

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