How to grow peppers

How to grow peppers: tips for thecultivation of peppers in potsor in the garden. The varieties that have the best yield and the care to be devoted to the plants.

Grow peppers it does not require great cultural skills. THE peppersYes they cancultivateeven in a small space, so much so that they can be adapted tocultivation in pots. They are good, they are easy to grow ... so why not take advantage of them?

The sweet pepper it is a vegetable that lends itself to many tasty preparations in the kitchen. It is excellent as a condiment, side dish and also as a single dish, as is the case with stuffed peppers. If you want to enjoy your harvest it is good to move immediately to sowing in the seedbed. With sowing in a protected environment it is possible to grow peppers for most of the year. On this page we will show you how to grow peppers following the essential indications.

Peppers: sowing

To grow peppers in pots or in the garden, we start fromsowing. When to sow peppers? Since January if thecultivation of peppersit is performed in southern Italy. For those who live in the North it is better to move thesowingin March.

  • In March the seeds can be placed in peat discs or compostable jars filled with soft soil.
  • For the sowing anticipated, you cansowin January, placing the seedbeds in a protected environment.
  • The seeds germinate in mild temperatures and lots of light.

If the intention is tosowfew plants, you can perform thesowing in pots. In each pot, put 3 - 4 pepper seeds and bring forth only the strongest and most well developed plant.

If the idea is to grow many pepper plants in the garden, it is better if the sowing takes place in special boxes like the one in the photo below.

You can find such boxes in nurseries or agricultural consortia, when in plastic they are reusable. When in polystyrene they are disposable as they tend to wear out soon. If you don't know where to get boxes forsow broccoli, you can take advantage of the online purchase: on Amazon it is possible to buy different kits, a set of 5 containers (each with 24 cells) can be bought at the price of 12.03 euros with shipping costs included. There is no lack of cheaper proposals.

For all information on the mentioned product, please refer to the Amazon page: Bosmere Box with 24 compartments.

After germination, you have to wait about a month to get well developed and ready for seedlingstransplant.

How to plant peppers in the vegetable garden

Before planting, remove weeds and prepare the soil. The ideal growing medium is of medium texture, with good drainage. If the soil is not very fertile or has already been used to grow tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and other plants with high nitrogen needs, fertilized with ammonium sulphate.

  • Once grown, pepper plants can be planted. If the climatic trend foresees late frosts, wait for the plants to be well developed before planting.
  • In the north of Italy, it is necessary to wait until the risk of frost has completely ceased, then arrange for planting in the open ground in the month of May.
  • Peppers can plant about two months after the sowing, when the seedlings have already reached heights of about 15-20 cm.
  • For the cultivation in the vegetable garden, arrange the seedlings at a distance of just under half a meter from each other

How to grow peppers

THE peppersneedpruning, both if grown in pots and in the ground. With the progressive growth of the seedlings, proceed to the removal of the lateral twigs that grow lower, they only take away energy from the plant, energies that the plant will have to invest in fruit production. Here are otherscareto dedicate to plants:

  • Water the seedlings daily, making sure you always have moist soil. Beware of water stagnation especially when the pepper is grown in pots.
  • When they have reached 40 cm in height, support the plants with stakes and elements that allow the plant to grow upwards.
  • Periodically proceed with fertilization, using manure and ammonium sulphate. Fertilization is even more necessary for the cultivation of peppers in pots. It will serve to enrich the soil with useful nutrients for fruit development.
  • In summer, make sure the fruits are protected from direct sun otherwise they risk burning.

How to harvest the peppers?At the time of harvest, proceed in a stepwise manner, cutting the stalk with a sharp scalpel, to avoid causing damage. After each harvest, it is essential to always water the soil so as not to weaken the plants.

Useful recommendation: i peppers they should not be grown on the same land for two consecutive years and not after tomatoes, potatoes and aubergines. According to the intercropping principle, you can grow peppers or together with lettuce and fennel.

How to grow peppers in pots

Apply organic fertilizer with a good dose of phosphorus and potassium, using hand tools such as small hoes and shovels to bury the fertilizer superficially. Better to avoid water-soluble fertilizers and prefer slow-release fertilizers.

Potted peppers need braces. What supports to use? wooden stakes or bamboo canes are fine. The plant should be tied with a string without tightening too much. For all information onpot sizeand other specific needs, the guide is available: how to grow pepper in pots.

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