Dryfe: peer-to-peer car sharing arrives

Dryfe: peer-to-peer car sharing arrives

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Peer-to-peer car sharing: why not? Not only affordable prices, but also cleaner air, less traffic and more parking. This is explained by Jonathan Giardino, one of the two founders of Dryfe, a start-up with which the peer-to-peer car sharing, already present elsewhere, finally arrives also in Italy.

1) When did you start with the service and how did you get the idea? Was it imported from other countries?

The idea of peer-to-peer car sharing was born from a discussion between me and Jacopo who are the two co-founders of Dryfe. One afternoon last summer I pointed out to Jacopo how expensive it was for me to own a car and he said to me: "You could rent it when you don't use it!". A light bulb went on in us. We started looking on the internet, we thoroughly studied the services of peer-to-peer car sharing such as Getaround (USA), Relay Rides (USA), Buzzcar (FRA) and other similar services and we have outlined Dryfe. We are now waiting to conclude some trade agreements.

2) How does the peer-to-peer car sharing service you have thought of?

Those who own a car enter their personal data, those of their car (photos, options, availability and location of the car), choose the price and that's it.
Those who do not have a car or do not always have one available if they enter your personal data and payment details, receive information on the closest cars available for peer-to-peer car sharing: he just has to choose. Once the request has been sent and accepted, the two parties meet, exchange the keys and the rental takes place. At this point there is also ours insurance, paid via the platform and which covers both the car and the person using it. At the end of the rental, the renter returns the car to the owner who can check that it is in order. At the end of the month he will then receive the money he has earned.

3) What are the advantages of using peer-to-peer car sharing for a private individual?

With the peer-to-pee car sharingr those who own a car can earn money, moreover not having to bear the costs of the fleet, we are able to provide low cost rates. The car fleet we can offer is and will be increasingly varied, with countless types and models, unlike the cars of other services which are single-brand or single-model and often “branded” with company colors and logos. Finally the peer-to-peer car sharing, unlike classic car sharing, it has a huge catchment area that is not limited to metropolises. Private individuals who rent are everywhere.

4) What are the environmental benefits of such a service?

Cars pollute through their production, distribution and circulation. Each car shared thanks to the peer-to-peer car sharing makes it possible to make 10 other cars superfluous and this means fewer cars produced, fewer cars transported, fewer cars on the road. The result of this operation is: cleaner air, less traffic and more parking.

5) What feedback are you getting from citizens?

The feedbacks are very good: although many expose their criticisms regarding the peer-to-peer car sharing, with a bit of suspicion, they still say they are very interested. Our goal is to resolve those critical issues.

6) Are there also electric, hybrid or green vehicles among the shared vehicles?

Certainly but not only, because not everyone owns an electric, hybrid or green vehicle. The cars are private individuals so there may be new models every day. Certainly in developing the peer-to-peer car sharing we will encourage those who own this type of car to make even more sustainable our cities.

7) What do you have in mind to further implement the service and its diffusion?

It is necessary to inform more about the practice of peer-to-peer car sharing and reassure users by providing top-notch customer service in practice. To this we want to add exclusive promotions and advertising campaigns that also have an educational purpose and show the economic and also environmental benefits of peer-to-peer car sharing.

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