Variety of chicory to be picked and cut

Variety of chicory to be picked and cut

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Variety of chicory for cutting or pickingwith the entire head. Cultivation period and useful tips for obtaining large chicory.

There are many variety of chicory, each of which is harvested at different times of the year. Exist chicory to be grasped with the entire clump e chicory by cutting. There chicory it is a rather widespread vegetable because it adapts well to different types of climate and has no particular needs for the soil. There chicory it is very easy to cultivate and you don't even need to fertilize.

Variety of chicory

Therechicoryis a type ofsaladwith a more or less bitter taste. Thevariety of chicorythere are so many. As stated, they existchicory to pickwith the root tuft echicory for cuttingwhich then grow back several times in the garden. In this paragraph we will describe somevariety of chicorybefore moving on to indications for the cultivation ofcut chicoryand fromgrasp.

Variegated chicory from Chioggia and Castelfranco

Not everyone knows that chicory and radicchio are the same vegetable. Generally the term chicory identifies green varieties and the term radicchio indicates the red or mottled ones.

The variegated chicory of Chioggia or red chicory is none other than the chicory of Chioggia. The red chicory of Chioggia has a rounded head with very tight leaves. For all information on the cropsand the images to recognize it, we refer you to the page: variegated red chicory of Chioggia. This variety of chicoryit is sown only once and is harvested for 10 months. Sowing can be done between July and August. Same rule applies to thechicory or variegated radicchio from Castefranco.

Sweet chicory from Trieste

As well as the varieties mentioned above, the Trieste sugar is also onevariety of cut chicory. Again, for information on thecultivation we refer you to the page: sugary chicory from Trieste.

Green chicory from Brindisi and red chicory

For the varieties of red ball chicory and Brindisi chicory (it can be recognized by the serrated green leaves with white ribs) we proceed with sowing in containers and then transplanting. These chicories can be sown in seedbeds between June and July and transplanted into the garden between July and August.

Chicory to be sown in spring

Those seen so far arevariety of chicoryto be sown and cultivated in summer. Those who want to anticipate the cultivation of chicory can aim for varieties such as:

  • Rosso di verona
  • Red from Treviso
  • Belgian chicory (Brussels chicory)

Thesevariety of chicorythey can be sown directly in the garden (in the open ground), the sowing period runs from March to July.

Variety of Chicory to grasp

Any variety of chicory to be harvested is sown from May to August, harvested from February to April.

The chicory to harvest they are sown from May to August, according to the variety. Usually, the chicory to harvest they develop between summer and autumn and yield crops between February and April.

If you are wondering which one variety of cycloria to be seized you can cultivate in the small home garden, the most suitable are the variety “Grumolo blond”, “Grumolo rosso” and “Grumolo verde”.

Varieties of cut chicory

Any variety of cut chicory is sown from February to October and is harvested all year round.

According to the climatic region, the sowing of chicory for cutting it happens at different times. In the warmer regions we recommend the cultivation from late summer-early autumn to early spring. In any case, the cut chicory it provides abundant harvests even in summer.

The aforementioned Trieste or sugary chicory cannot be missing from the home garden Blonde from Trieste, with its light green leaves.

Three more variety of cut chicory I am chicory Wild from the field, selected directly from wild chicory but has tender leaves and a pleasant flavor. Those who appreciate wild chicory will surely love the red wild chicory of Italy characterized, in fact, for its red leaves.

The cut spadona chicory is distinguished by its narrow and elongated leaves of green color tending to dark tones.

Where to buy chicory seeds

A large assortment ofvariety of chicoryis available on Amazon. Of course, in specialized nurseries and garden centers you will certainly find different varieties of chicory, but if you want to range from the most disparate varieties, buying and selling online is an excellent solution.

To get an idea of ​​all the varieties of chicory available, please refer to the Amazon page dedicated to chicory seeds of the different varieties. For all the info:chicory cultivars, sachets of seeds.

How to grow chicory

As for the cultivation of chicory, we dealt with it specifically, in the guide articlehow to grow chicory.

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