Forgotten Railways: Old Tracks and Roads of Tomorrow

Forgotten Railways: Old Tracks and Roads of Tomorrow

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The Environment Commission of the Chamber of Deputies awaits the process of a Bill, its number is 1640, which aims to encourage the creation of a soft mobility network at a national level including forgotten railways, the embankment roads, the disused road trunks, the ancient and historical streets and the coastal paths. Why such a project? Because this network of paths - which are the traces of ancient relationships - represents a heritage that, even more so in times of crisis, the time has come to use.

The proposal has been in existence since September 2013 on the initiative of the Confederation of Sweet Mobility (Co.Mo.Do) which organized the 7th National Day of Forget Railways, and of the numerous nearby associations: Legambiente, Italia Nostra, Italian Federation of Friends of the Bicycle, Italian Alpine Club, Italian Touring Club, WWF, Federation of Tourist and Museum Railways, Italian Greenways Association, Public Transport Users Association, lubilantes / Francigeni Way Network .

Soft mobility is not just railways, but we are talking about these on the eve of the national conference in Siena (February 28) entitled 'The Railways of Wonders: yesterday, today and tomorrow'. A conference that is the prelude to Day of the Forgotten Railways which also this year Co.Mo.Do organized in collaboration with the patronage of the European Commission, the Ministry of the Environment for the Protection of the Territory and the Sea, the FS Italiane Foundation and seven regions and provinces.

How will the event take place? The proven formula provides for the choral collaboration of all the associations connected to Co.Mo.Do. - 137 involved this year - who in their respective territories committed themselves on Sunday 2 March to organizing walks, horseback riding, bicycle tours or aboard special historic trains along the disused branches of forgotten railways.

Among others, the initiative in Sardinia where, on the occasion of the Day of the Forgotten Railways the Trenino Verde will depart with origene from Mandas and destination the Sarcidano, that is where the FCS railway line had once originated, which was then dismantled and transformed into a 'green road'.

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