Agro-energies in the new energy scenarios

Agro-energies in the new energy scenarios

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The sector of agroenergy it employs about 24,000 people and moves an economy of 4 billion euros. However - experts say - there is still a lot to do and only by constructively addressing the problems - which exist - could we unlock an enormous potential for clean energy.

Of agroenergy, from the perspectives to the obstacles of the sector, the exhibition and conference is concerned 'Agroenergy in the new energy scenarios' scheduled for February 13-14 in Tortona (below you will find the link for the program and registration). On this occasion, the 2014 edition of the Agroenergy Observatory will be presented, the annual reference study of the sector edited by the company Althesys which we will talk about again on IdeeGreen.

Some anticipation. The estimates of the economist Alessandro Marangoni of the Althesys company, who coordinated the research of the 2014 Observatory, indicate in the field of agroenergy a fifth of the total turnover of renewable energy sources in Italy, where solar and hydroelectric share the largest share. The agroenergy they are also the sector that records the greatest increase after solar, with a 4.5 for bioliquids.

Between agroenergy, plants for the production of energy fueled by solid biomass and with Tarsu, that is the dry fraction of municipal solid waste, are worth 38% of the installed power, followed by biogas with 35% (in biogas the greatest growth was recorded ) and bioliquid materials. For a total of about 12.5 billion KW / h of energy production.

The agroenergy they are strategically important in the mix of energy sources of the national energy strategy because, unlike solar and wind, they are programmable sources. This feature makes the agroenergy suitable for carrying out that role of stabilizer of the grid which becomes particularly important in a scenario that sees the increasingly marked presence of renewable energy sources.

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