How to grow jasmine in winter

How to grow jasmine in winter

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Who is unfamiliar with summer jasmine, a shrub widely used in gardens as a hedge climber for its bright leaves and fragrant white flowers. However, not everyone knows that there is a variety, the Jasminum nudiflorum or winter jasmine, which develops in winter, enlivening the bare green space. Below you will find all the information on how to grow jasmine in winter in a simple and effective way.

Winter jasmine, features
The winter jasmineor is also known as St. Joseph's jasmine, and is a shrub resistant to low temperatures. Jasmine is characterized by bright and vivid yellow flowers, which bloom between January and February, the inflorescences are odorless but are also striking because their appearance precedes that of the leaves. Their characteristic is that of being creeping, falling even if they lend themselves very well to the creation of hedges and borders. They grow rapidly and can reach up to 3 meters in height. In this regard, they must be pruned as soon as their flowering ends: the flowers are produced on the branches of the previous year.

How to grow jasmine in winter, directions
Cultivation of the winter jasmine it does not require great cultural knowledge. It is a rather rustic species, resistant to smog, which grows quietly both in full sun and in the shade, although it must be considered that with a greater amount of light the flowering will be greater. In addition to smog, winter jasmine is able to reduce the problem of noise, thanks to the small branches and leaves. In this regard, here are some useful information:

  • In areas with particularly hot summers, shelter the jasmine from direct sun
  • Avoid exposure to the east: the morning sun is too shy. South or west exposure is preferred
  • In spring, superficially hoe around the base of the stem
  • Always in spring, insert the teeth of a pitchfork into the soil crust and fill the holes with river sand: if the soil is very compact, during the summer the run-off of the irrigation water could severely limit the flow of water to the roots. .
  • Ensure a well-drained soil
  • Only irrigate in the case of particularly dry summers
  • In autumn, give some organic fertilizer to make the soil richer.

Wanting to reproduce new specimens of winter jasmine, you can take cuttings with the arrival of autumn: the twigs should be placed in a container with a mixture of peat and sand until they take root.

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