Nature Award 2014: the magnificent nine

Nature Award 2014: the magnificent nine

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Here are the 9 winners of the Nature Award 2014 selected from a sample of 10 thousand Italians and a Scientific Committee on the basis of environmental requirements. In 6 cases these are products appreciated for the origin of the raw materials and the quality of the production processes, 3 are Public Bodies evaluated for their work. All 9 winners can now use the brand Nature Award 2014 to stand out on the market and as a public recognition of good environmental work.

The winning products are: the BimBIo multipurpose cleaner by Flora Srl; the economic model FADA Loyalty Friend of the Environment MrPack by Keo project Soc. Coop .; there Double hood sweatshirt - 2 layers - GOTS certified of Naturale Srl; L'Arnica massage oil by Weleda; there Sant’Anna Bio Bottle by Fonti Vinadio; and the Mylos Integrated System for energy efficiency in the residential sector by ABB Spa.

The public bodies awarded: the Municipality of Agerola (Naples) which in just one year starting from July 2012 brought the separate collection of waste from 25% to 77%; the Municipality of Prato allo Stelvio (Bolzano) for the results achieved in the development of renewable energy sources with tangible benefits for citizens-users; the Municipality of Varese Ligure (La Spezia) for having achieved energy efficiency by exploiting wind and photovoltaics.

On the products and on the virtuous Municipalities of Nature Award 2014 10 thousand Italian citizens-consumers-users expressed their opinion through the survey conducted by the Green Intelligence company. Subsequently, a Scientific Committee made up of university professors and specialized journalists assessed the requirements of the applications on the basis of the criteria contained in the award regulations.

BimBio multipurpose cleaner is a product prepared with eudermic surfactants derived from natural sugars and contains a blend of 100% pure natural essential oils. The components are all of vegetable origin and obtained from renewable resources (coconut oil or corn starch) with a very low environmental impact. Bioegradable, it is free from biopersistent substances or substances that are harmful to the environment.

FADA Loyalty Friend of the Environment MrPack is an innovative economic model aimed at the (documentable) reduction of CO₂ emissions based on encouraging the virtuous behavior of citizens. The final advantage is collective and translates into an increase in the separate collection of plastic, glass, aluminum and other recyclable packaging.

Double hooded sweatshirt with 2 layers certified G.O.T.S. is a unique natural garment made by combining 2 layers of wool and cotton certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard. Warm, breathable, hypoallergenic and performing but without synthetic fabrics, this sweatshirt is completely Italian and restores momentum to the traditional textile chain. Raw materials come from sustainable and ethical agriculture and production has minimal impact.

Arnica massage oil by Weleda is produced with more than 95% organic ingredients and in particular mountain arnica combined with birch leaves. That the properties of arnica are also appreciated by masseurs and physiotherapists is nothing new. The peculiarity of this product is the origin of the raw materials only from organic, biodynamic or certified spontaneous harvesting.

Sant’Anna Bio Bottle wins the Nature Award for the second consecutive year for being the first mineral water bottled and marketed in a container made with the Ingeo ™ biopolymer obtained from the fermentation of vegetable sugars. The advantage for the community is that the container is compostable and can be inserted in the separate collection of organic-wet.

Mylos integrated system for energy efficiency is a system that allows the monitoring and management of the entire electrical system of the house and the systems or devices that are connected to it. The advantage is measurable in terms of efficiency which translates into lower consumption and consequently into savings on the bill. The collective advantage is linked to the fact that currently in Italy the residential sector absorbs 20% of total energy consumption and the savings potential is high.

Municipality of Agerola has implemented a series of environmental initiatives including the adoption of the SEAP (Action Plan for Sustainable Energy), the installation of a Water House and, above all, the reduction of over 260 tons of unsorted waste compared to to the 2011 municipal data.

Municipality of Prato allo Stelvio made it possible to cover the entire municipal energy needs (1600 electrical, 580 thermal and 250 Tlc users) by drawing on a mix of sources (from photovoltaic to wind, biomass, mini-hydro) from 18 different plants located on the territory. The collective benefit can be quantified in a 27% reduction in the electricity bill and 62% in heating. For this reason the Municipality has also won the Legambiente 2013 Renewable Municipalities award. The goal was achieved with the collaboration of the E-Werk Prad Cooperative.

Municipality of Varese Ligure it has achieved the enviable primacy of energy self-sufficiency through wind and photovoltaics and now has a surplus of electricity produced which it sells to Enel. The municipal administration has also decided to enhance organic agricultural and dairy production by focusing on the involvement of all citizens and in particular young people. These activities have made Varese Ligure the first European municipality to obtain environmental certification.

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