Moisture in the walls: Acquapol takes care of it

Moisture in the wallsThere are various reasons why walls can be damp and among the excellent realities in Italy Greentech srl di Cantù specializes in the diagnostics and resolution of all types of humidity, includingrising damp and the mold problem, with technologies green.

1) When were you born as a company and what do you do?

There Greentech was born in Cantù (CO) and for several years we have been dealing with effective solutions for humidity, mold and limescale. We use innovative technologies from leading companies. Like theelectroosmosis without cables or ecosmosis which naturally resolves rising damp with polarity inversion.
Among the companies we represent there is also the Hydropath , an English company, which since the 1980s has been producing the best electronic softeners to eliminate limescale, algae and bacteria from the water in homes, condominiums and swimming pools, without using salt or polluting chemicals.

We also use exclusive solutions for the renovation of walls such as the microwave dehumidificationand and we execute mineral breathable insulating coats guaranteed against mold.
Before establishing the solution or solutions, it is essential to find out the cause of humidity or mold in the home and to determine it, Greentech carries out inspections and non-destructive diagnostics with L2 ISO 9712 and RINA RC / C 14 certified thermographic operators.

Below is an example of an image obtained during our inspection.

2) What is the problem of humidity in the walls?

The problem of humidity is the deterioration of the walls which is harmful to health with mold, bad smells and an unhealthy environment.
There are many reasons that cause humidity in the home that you can find out on our official website Sometimes it is difficult to identify the causes of humidity without adequate tools. Rising humidity is one of the worst because most of the "solutions" do not solve the problem but hide it. Even condensation humidity and mold humidity are often "resolved" in non-functional ways with the result that they reform. Different types of humidity cause the same or similar effects on the walls (such as peeling) and inexperienced operators confuse them with each other. Getting the solution wrong is therefore very easy. We need a technical inspection and proven competence to solve the problem definitively.

3) What are the solutions you propose? What technologies are they based on?

For the solution of rising damp theElectro osmosis without cables or Ecosmosis. By means of pulses of variable frequency waves emitted by an electrically powered control unit, it is possible to reverse the process of rising water on the wall.

For other types of humidity such as condensation, which creates mold, we use mineral, breathable, anti-condensation and anti-mold insulation, or controlled ventilation with heat recovery. For the restoration of the walls we use only natural hydraulic lime plasters. We are the only ones using the microwave dehumidification and infrared rays which, in addition to dehumidifying, kill molds and woodworms. These technologies are applied to drying after flooding, broken pipes and the like. As we said, our forte is the diagnostic part and for this we use thermography and other tools such as the microwave hygrometer to measure humidity and damage to the walls.

ceiling dehumidification with microwave

4) What research and experimentation activities do you carry out as a company?

We test the most innovative materials for the restoration of plasters, ventilation, insulation, and diagnostic research. Before offering them to our customers, we make sure they are effective solutions and not just "marketing" as often happens when we hear about "new miraculous materials".

5) From your birth to today, which awards have you won?

Beyond the numerous awards received by the producers of the materials we use, our greatest satisfaction always comes from the customer who finally solves his problem of humidity or mold at home after trying everything in vain, as can be seen from the reviews we receive. on our Google Business page.

6) Who are the subjects who come to you?

They are of two types: i construction professionals that have to solve cases of humidity in the walls or floors and the typical Italian family who has a damp house.
Older houses not having an insulation from the ground "attract" water from the ground. In modern houses or on higher floors, the problem is usually mold and excess environmental humidity.
Many people come to us before buying a home or for diagnostics, others to dry up after a leak or infiltration.
We also have several customers who require professional mold pest control because they understand that continuing with bleach does not work.

7) As a company, what do you have in mind for the future?

After what happened with the Coronavirus COVID-19, the future leads us to extend the field of disinfection beyond mold. In fact we are ready for the complete sanitation of viruses and bacteria using special products. Both as a disinfection service and as a “plus” to be performed at the end of our building interventions, for example after the installation of an anti-mold coat or a diagnostic.

Virkon, one of the products used by GreenTech for disinfection

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