Depression, natural remedies

Depression, natural remedies

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There depression it is a mood disorder that destroys the interests of the person, crumbles them to the point of making them become very fine sand. Unfortunately, there are many people who suffer from this disorder and the advice is to refer to experienced and qualified personnel. In daily life, to relieve the symptoms of depressionit is possible to implement different strategies, let's see together what it is.

Depression, useful tips

  • Friends
    Try to identify the cause of feeling depressed: circumstances and events in your life, a difficult relationship in the family, frustrations at work, etc. Once you have identified the cause, find a trusted person to confide in: talking about your problems is already an important first step.
  • Meditation
    Many scientific studies have shown that meditation has significant positive effects on the body and mind: it is especially effective in cases of anxiety and stress.
  • Movement
    It has been shown that moving more, doing physical activity, preferably targeted, involves beneficial and positive sensations; all sports are fine, but also try yoga, pilates or postural training: with movement the body releases more endorphins, chemicals produced by the brain and endowed with a powerful analgesic and exciting activity. Endorphins therefore have the ability to give us pleasure, gratification and happiness, helping us to better cope with depression.
  • Walks
    Being outdoors, going for a walk or a run leads to an immediate improvement in mood, thanks to exposure to sunlight (chromotherapy). Furthermore, open spaces relieve anxiety and stress.

Depression, the power supply
Food plays a fundamental role in depression: pro-serotonin or omega-3 rich foods are to be preferred. What foods to prefer? Foods such as bananas, pumpkin seeds, potatoes, milk, chocolate, etc. are recommended.
Another important aspect of nutrition is to try to keep blood sugar at physiological levels, without too many peaks up or down: hyperglycemic or sugar-rich foods should be avoided. Do not neglect breakfast also avoid skipping the correct meals of the day.

Backbone of any therapy against depression and the "Positive thought"; always try to see the glass half full and always find the good side in the things and events of the day.
Why don't you try to stand in front of a mirror every morning and make funny smiles or faces? A psychoanalyst friend of mine always recommends it to me… .. and it really works!

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