Types of seeds for the lawn

Types of seeds for the lawn

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To facilitate the lush growth of ours meadow, it is good to choose the most suitable seeds. In this regard we will show you how to juggle in choosing the various types of seeds; There are many varieties of seeds available on the market and there are also many doubts that arise at the time of purchase: which seeds to choose?

Types of seeds for the lawn, useful information

  • For the success of a lush turf, it is necessary to evaluate some parameters: the climate, exposure and irrigation and whether it will be heavily trampled.
  • The most suitable seeds for the lawn are those that belong to the Graminaceae family such as Poa, Lolium, Festuca, Agrostis: they develop quickly and resist well to frequent cuts.
  • There are types of grass that can withstand high temperatures and periods of drought and others less so. There are seed mixes that also have small flowers inside them

Types of seeds for the lawn, costs
Depending on the variety of seeds, the cost changes; an average cost of about 30 euro cents can be estimated for each square meter of land.

Types of seeds for the lawn, various types

  • Festuca is a category of seeds that are well suited to arid soils. Among the Festuca we can mention the Festuca ovina and the Festuca rubra; due to their slow growth they are very suitable for those who do not have time to make frequent cuts.
  • Agrostide is a type of seeds that does not need frequent trimming: the turf grows dense and dense, with a medium resistance to trampling. Among the varieties most used in the garden we find Agrostis stolonifera.
  • English ryegrass is the most widespread variety of seeds: it has a very fast growth and good resistance to trampling, it also adapts well to any type of soil. The only drawback of this variety is that it tends to suffocate the others, therefore it is preferable to mix it with other types of seeds for the lawn.

Low maintenance blends

A good blend that exploits the strengths of the types of lawn seeds mentioned above is the extra-strong Lawn Maciste; we are talking about a low-maintenance mixture that is very resistant to drought and foot traffic. The mixture in question is given precisely by the strongest seeds; specifically, the composition is given for 80% by Festuca Arundinacea, 10% by Loietto, 10% by Poa Pratese, even more resistant than Agrostide. The mixture is suitable for creating large green areas (up to 100 square meters). The color of the lawn is intense green, darker than the previous one. The price is around 49 euros including shipping costs.

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