Nettle, property

Nettle, property

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L'nettle, a perennial plant belonging to the Urticaceae family, contains something magical even if it enjoys a bad reputation: it is known more than for its properties and benefits for its horticultural effect. The virtues ofnettle were already known and appreciated in ancient times: many were convinced that by eating nettles, would be preserved from disease for the whole year. Fortunately the therapeutic properties of nettle have been confirmed by science in recent decades.

Healing properties and benefits of nettle

  • Nettle has anti-anemic properties recognized thanks to the abundance of iron and chlorophyll that stimulate the body to produce red blood cells.
  • According to experts, it would be purifying, diuretic, invigorating and restorative: the creatine contained in it would facilitate digestion and assimilation of food.
  • Nettle would also have anti-inflammatory properties on the intestine, therefore very effective against diarrhea and dysentery, moreover its diuretic and purifying properties would help the body to eliminate acids, chlorides and cholesterol: for these characteristics, nettle is used in case of diseases such as gout rheumatism and arthritis.

The nettle and the vegetable garden
the wise farmers know that the best and richest soil is exactly where the nettle grows; suggest taking a few handfuls of that land to give richness and nourishment to the vegetables, also allowed to grow alongside aromatic herbs, nettle enriches the content of essential oils, and keeps other weeds away.

Nettle and use in the kitchen
The uses in the kitchen are really many; of course, once cooked, the'nettle it no longer pinches, on the contrary it becomes very soft.
It can be boiled and used for soups and risottos or omelettes. Good source of protein, it can be a substitute ingredient for all those dishes that use spinach: it has an astringent and slightly sour taste, very pleasant. the powder obtained from the dried leaves can be spread on food.

How to harvest nettle
Even if it is a perennial plant, it is advisable to harvest thenettle in spring. Since it is a very horticultural plant, it is good to equip yourself with scissors and gloves to avoid annoying hortications: they disappear in a short time without contraindications.

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