Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends

If the old gift ideas for Christmas were not enough, today we will continue to give you ideas by suggesting what give away to yours friends for the upcoming holiday season. Let's face it, the problem is not "what to give" but how to find agiftgreat on a small budget!

Budget! Yes, it all depends on this word: how much can you spend?
The gift ideasmost appreciated by women, young or mature they are, they can be found from shops like Kasanova, here they aregift ideasvery cheap, even Maisons du Monde can offer you excellent onesgift ideasfor thefriends:not only great furniture, the shop offers a great variety of small design objects at acceptable prices. Those just mentioned aregift ideasnice but certainly not original. True originality can help the environment, so let's see what we can give away to ours friends for the next Christmas.

  1. Handcrafted jewelry
    A'gift ideaperfect if the recipient is a woman. It is not difficult to find cheap bracelets and necklaces, made by artists and marketed by organizations that support the environment.
  2. Large organizations
    Why not give away a greeting card or one of the many gadgets made available by the big NGOs? The WWF, every year, offers a great variety of accessories and, by purchasing them, you will not just make agiftto a friend but also to the Earth ecosystem.
  3. Photovoltaic
    Photovoltaic backpacks, bags, shoulder bags, chargers with solar cells, clean energy covers, solar energy keyboards… How about giving an accessory that produces clean electricity? Don't expect exorbitant prices! From Ikea you can find photovoltaic lamps at a price of 10 euros.
  4. Sports items
    If your friend is a sports lover, this is the winning gift idea, if your friend is lazy, this is an even more winning gift idea: you could spur him to life in contact with nature, between trekking and walks in horse.
  5. Experiences
    The network is full of portals such as Glamoo, Groupon ... why not give a unique experience? In this week with 18 euros it is possible to give a rafting descent in the Cilento National Park, there is no lack of vouchers for wellness centers or theme parks.

For othersecological gift ideaswe refer you to the article dedicated toEcological gifts for Christmas.

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