How to grow hawthorn

The hawthorn it is a medium-sized shrub that can be used in the garden as a hedge or border; it is in fact particularly suitable for creating both a pure and a mixed hedge or an impenetrable barrier when planted dense and kept low.

The hawthorn it is a very decorative plant both when it blooms and when it is filled with red berries, thus guaranteeing a very suggestive effect; flowering occurs between April and May, while the fruits ripen between November and December.

Do you think that during the holidays it is often kept indoors to bring a touch of joy. The fruits of the hawthorn they are edible, but are usually not eaten fresh, but processed to obtain jams, jellies or syrups. The cultivation of this plant does not require much care but let's see in detail how to grow hawthorn following some useful indications.

How to grow hawthorn, some indications

Since it is a rustic plant, the hawthorn can remain outdoors all year round, even in areas where winters are rather harsh. Here are just a few recommendations:

  • Choose a sunny or partial shade place
  • Prefer a calcareous or in any case not particularly acid soil that is soft and deep
  • Irrigate only if strictly necessary: ​​the plant is satisfied with rainwater
  • Pruning at the end of winter, so as to favor spring bloom
  • From March to September, dilute liquid fertilizer based on phosphorus and potassium in the water intended for watering: it serves to give the plant more flowering.

How to plant hawthorn

Dig a double deep hole in the bread that houses the root mass of the plant to be planted

  1. Place a 3-4 cm layer of gravel inside the hole, then add a layer of mature manure of equal thickness: it serves to facilitate water drainage
  2. Cover the manure with a layer of soil and place the hawthorn in the hole, taking care not to damage the root mass;
  3. Fill the hole and lightly press the soil to the base of the plant
  4. Compact the soil with light watering.

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