The Disney mascot of Expo2015 looks for a name

The Disney mascot of Expo2015 looks for a name

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Feeding the Planet, energies for life: the theme ofMilan Expo 2015is embodied in a nice mascot made byDisney. A mascot made up of an entire team of elements that manage to personify themselves by drawing a face in the Arcimboldo style. The elements are eleven foods, garlic, watermelon, orange, banana, fig, blue corn, mango, apple, pomegranate, pear and radish.

While a banana reproduces a formidable smile, garlic is engaged in the interpretation of a nose, the broad forehead is given by the watermelon and the rest of the face is harmoniously drawn by the other foods enriched with seeds and leaves.

The face of Expo 2015was made byDisney Italy,winner of the tender launched by the management spa for the development, promotion and marketing of the so-called "intellectual property". The mascot ofExpo 2015,together with all its characters, they could become the protagonists of short films and animated stories capable of telling everything there is to know about the world of nutrition with the themeFeeding the Planet.


The mascot ofMilan Expo 2015it is not just a symbol, the face of a thousand foods and its singular components are destined to be reproduced on t-shirts, caps, mugs and other gadgets. School items, puppets and a variety of foods can be made. For merchandising there are many variations and the products will be on the market starting from Christmas next year.

This translates into a turnover that could reach 150 million euros with a collection for the company in 2015 estimated at between five and ten million, in times of crisis, it is a real breath of fresh air for leading companies ofExpo 2015.

The character in Arcimboldo style tells a story from the first visual impact, the story of a large family made up of many foods, all different from each other but equally with (nutritious) roles essential for life. The creative director ofDisney Italy,Roberto Santillo, underlines that the inspiration came from there, the result was a mascot capable of transmitting values, including, as Roberto Santillo reports, "the theme of diversity is the first that the mascot had to represent ”.


Having acknowledged that today's children will be tomorrow's adults, the first approach to the values ​​transmitted by the mascot ofExpo 2015is dedicated to the little ones: they will have to find a name for each character ofExpo 2015 through an online competition active on the Expo website until 7 January.

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