Green economy and green comfort in Sicily

The green comfort is the engine of green economy under the Sicilian sun. Energy, Environment, Eco-construction and Climate are in fact the themes on which the Sicilian region is betting for the economic revival of its territory.

Strong of a geographical position that sees it in the center of the Mediterranean with the disadvantages but also the advantages that this entails: hub of illegal and criminal immigration, but also a natural bridge for green economy between Europe and North Africa in terms of energy above all.

From these premises the sixth edition of the National exhibition Comfort project, which from 10 to 12 will take place at Etnafiere in the Etnapolis-Belpasso exhibition center in Catania. A comfort which becomes more and more green and confirms (this is the sixth edition) an important appointment for operators of the green and white economy.

Green comfort and especially green economy: the energy manager, the energy auditor, the energy certifier, the refrigeration technician, the installer are just some of the green jobs protagonists of tomorrow's employment which in Europe, it is said, will create at least 250,000 jobs between now and 2020.

Sicily is there: the green economy is one of the levers of sustainable recovery that aims to preserve and strengthen the quality of the environment, protect the ecosystem and biodiversity, reduce energy consumption and pollution. An economy made up of a multitude of businesses, small, large or artisanal, but also of intelligent consumption for the healthy growth of socio-economic systems.

Technologies for the environment and plant engineering are the two main strands of green economy in the center of Project Comfort lounge: from quality control to new building materials, from testing the thermal and electrical systems to the building envelope in all its design and construction aspects.

Without forgetting, as the organizers of the Show underline, that energy saving is the first renewable source of green economy and also the least expensive for the user. So pay attention to the Thermal Energy Account, the new state incentive system for energy efficiency and the production of thermal energy from renewable sources.

Video: Green Bonds 101 - Session 1 May 26th 2016 Webinar (October 2021).