Essential oils and aromatherapy as gift ideas

If you want a fragrant home or are looking for the benefits ofaromatherapy forget about chemical deodorants and synthetic substances. Prepare your scented essences yourself in a natural and ecological way or bet on the ones essential oils pure of which there is a wide choice also online. There are various types of diffusers and burners to spread the essences and there is also a wide choice of these online. They can also be gift ideas for the people you love.

Pay attention to the choice of essences: apart from personal tastes, perfumes cause different effects on the human body: tangerine is lavender calm and promote sleep, the jasmine helps concentration,geraniumlemongrass islemon they repel mosquitoes. Ecucalyptus isthyme they have balsamic and bactericidal effects, particularly indicated in the cold season. Therepropolis, that is the antibiotic resin produced by bees for their defense, stimulates the immune defenses.

To try thearomatherapy spending less than 10 euros you can try a dispenser of essential oils and refillable essences to your liking. The one we recommend is equipped with LED light and USB socket and is called MushRoom

If you prefer a traditional burner because it creates more atmosphere and you have a few euros more to spend, you can opt for a Burner for Brass Oils for Aromatherapy

As for the essential oils (better if 100% pure) if you do not have the natural things shop under the house you can find what you need online with free shipping. Here are some examples at discounted prices (in many cases).

Lavender Oil - 100% Pure Pure Essential Oil - 50ml

Lemon Oil - 100% Pure Essential Oil - 50ml

Peppermint Oil - 100% Pure Essential Oil - 30ml

Globolus Eucalyptus Oil - 100% Pure Essential Oil - 50ml

Organic Bergamot Oil - 100% Pure Essential Oil - Certified Organic - 5ml

Citronella Oil - 100% Pure Essential Oil - 50ml

Rosemary Oil - 100% Pure Essential Oil - 30ml

Evening Primrose Oil - 100% Pure Cold Pressed Carrier Oil - 100ml

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