The uses of used oil

The recycling ofexhausted oilconsists of a series of operations that are performed on bothlubricating oil, derived from the transport sector, both onvegetable oilcoming mainly from the restaurant sector. With the recycling ofexhausted oilyou get regenerated oils: if it is impossible to regenerate onegameof oil, this will be destined for combustion for the energy sector.

The used oils released into nature cause significant environmental damage. They can be collected from ecological islands or specialized companies. Their disposal allows the production of lubricants, biodiesel, surfactants and soaps.

In practical terms, theused oilsthey are those who unload a vehicle during an oil change or who unload a fast food fryer. Car repair shops, fast food restaurants and individuals have the task of collectingexhausted oiland deliver it to the appropriate ecological islands. Some companies propose to withdraw theexhausted oiland to cover the costs of this operation they employ most of theoilby the action of the burners and produce energy.

L'exhausted oilit is becoming a huge problem in our society. Citizens and companies too often incorrectly dispose ofexhausted oilletting it flow for drains or manholes. To overcome this problem, in the London sewers, the workers "shovel "a substance called "fatberg " consisting precisely of exhausted oiland fat. The oil and fat, accumulated under the streets of London, constitute a treasure of 130 GWh of electricity per year. The heap offatberg will be burned to produce electricity, the estimated capacity is precisely 130 GWh per year, of these, the London water company has decided to buy 75 (GWh) to meet the energy needs of the sewer network and the desalination plant that is used in periods of drought or other emergencies.

A method of recyclingexhausted oilmuch more conventional consists of refining to obtain lubricants or fuel. In many cases theexhausted oilit is converted to diesel which often also produces less smoke and less noise than classic diesel.

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