Log, the natural amplifier for smartphones

Is the object in the photo a lamp? A luminous sphere? A mystical tool…? None of this, it is a profile of anatural amplifier for smartphones. A little bit of "magic"there is: theamplifier it works without electricity, so you can say goodbye to batteries and annoying cables. It is called LOG and is the acronym forFree, Everywhere and Green, free because it is not bound to any energy source, everywhere because it is perfect both for closed environments and for open and green environments for completely organic, zero-impact and entirely recyclable manufacturing materials. LOG is capable of amplifysound without producing a gram of CO2.

L'natural amplifierLOGembodies the enthusiasm and sustainability ofSherwood ReDistribution, a young Italian start-up that has decided to exclusively exploit the properties of wood in the conduction of sound, enhancing them thanks to the design choices and constructive design: solid and impact resistant, with a minimalist design, LOG is able to amplify up to 15 decibel the smartphone audio.

LOG is 23 centimeters long and less than 10 centimeters high, it is made with blocks of fine French beech wood and with a weight of less than 700 grams, it is able to amplify with a faithful sound reproduction and in all respects the original audio characteristics.LOGit's perfect for every smartphone so as to reduce waste and keep up with generational changes: iPhone 3G, 4, 5s, 5c, Galaxy, Andoid smartphone, Sony, Nokia…. It doesn't matter, you change your smartphone butamplifierremains the same: LOG has an access slot of 8.5 cm opening, able to accommodate any type of smartphone.

LOG can be purchased from specialized retailers or directly on the portal of the Italian Its price is 49.90 euros. Why choose anatural amplifier LOG? There are many reasons, we could talk about the sound quality of theamplification, of universal compatibility in the world ofsmartphone, environmental sustainability…. but the reason we prefer right now concerns the economy: it is not a multinational that produces LOG but an Italian Start-Up,LOG is handcrafted in Italy! This is themade in Italythat we like!

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