The creative recycling of WEEE

Therecyclingcreative godsWEEE waste is a very common practice among lovers ofdo-it-yourselfand among the biggest fans of environmental sustainability. Throughcreative recycling of WEEEyou can give birth to a large variety ofobjects which may have an aesthetic or better, artistic value orobjectsof daily use. The classic example is given by the Apple computer shown in the photo above: the case, emptied of all its components (power supply, memories, cards ...), has been reorganized to form a mailbox!

If the example of the Apple computer is too trivial, the designer Brian Marshall has created several robot models with WEEE. Brian Marshall collects obsolete pieces of electronics that would otherwise be destined to enrich landfills.


Even Italy has not remained immune to the charm ofcreative recycling of WEEE: his name is Franco Recchia and he is a master of creative recycling. Using components from old computers, he managed to create impressive cityscapes, rich in detail and great beauty. The landscapes created by Recchia have also conquered New York so much so that they have been exhibited at the Agora Gallery of the Big Apple. His works can be defined as a tribute to urban architecture and the ingenuity of modern man.

More than objects, those made by Franco Recchia are scale models; of the sculptures of the largest New York centers: Central Park, Manhattan, Boston and Pittsburgh. As is clear, his works are zero impact, not just an example ofrecyclingcreative but above all good taste and respect for the environment.


Designer Shepard Spencer has managed to turn his old xbox into a marine aquarium. The console was opened and deprived of all its electronic components, the shell remained and transformed into a half-liter tank of water. The tub is illuminated by a color that varies thanks to LED lighting. Part of the console has been replaced with glass that forms a "display" of approximately 6 "wide and 8" high. The power and connection cable of the Xbox 360 have been replaced with the appropriate cables for the wiring required by the filtration and lighting system of the mini marine aquarium.

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