Navigator app and messages: this is what we do not give up

The Copilot Premium App on smartphones

App with functions of navigator and instant messaging: here are the two things that Italians are not willing to give up on their smartphone. To say it is the research of ALK Technologies, a world specialist in geology and satellite navigation software.

Instant messaging applications are in fact in first place (86%) and the Navigator app per second (75%) in the ranking of things that users consider useful as a function of always being connected to the Internet. In short, the need not to get lost prevails, together with that of sheltering from bad weather since the third point is the weather apps (40%).

Navigator app and messaging apps (but instant) make us understand that there is no longer a mobile phone with a few keys to press, some more or less interactive games and a meager range of more or less unlistenable ringtones. The scenario has changed and smartphones and apps have revolutionized the lives of Italians. The idea of ​​not being connected always and everywhere is no longer even imaginable.

Messaging, Navigator app, weather and then? In the era of sharing at any cost, social networks (21%) and apps dedicated to news (13%) are unexpectedly penalized. Cooking recipes (essential for 6% of the interviewees) prevail over games (3%) and apps that have to do with fitness (2%).

But when Italians are asked to indicate which are the two main advantages that are expected from an inseparable travel companion such as the smartphone, the answers are the following: not having to get out of the car in the deluge or in freezing temperatures to ask for information. to passers-by (importance of Navigator app); not having to be an expert in cartography to read a map (idem).

What about the other advantages? We remain in the field of Navigator app with answers 3 to 5: avoid discussions with your partner or friends about chronic delays; being able to do without the sight of a lynx to read street names; do not risk running dry looking for a petrol station.

To ALK Technologies that commissioned it, the research was used to fine-tune the functionality of the latest version of its satellite navigation application, Copilot Premium, one Navigator app indeed, a technological support for navigation that is useful not only by car, but also by bicycle or for journeys on foot.

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