Almond paste

There almond paste it is a malleable compound that lends itself to the preparation of sweets or decorations. In fact it can be used in confectionery as a cover for cakes, to create decorations, modeling in the shape of flowers, animals, houses, etc. or on its own to make sweets typical of mignon pastry such as biscuits or nougats. In this regard, we now want to illustrate you how to make almond paste following our recipe.

Almond paste, the ingredients for a medium loaf

  • 1 kilo of dried almonds
  • 1 kilo of sugar
  • 350 cc of cold water

Almond paste, the preparation

  1. Take the almonds and place them in boiling water for 1 minute then drain and let them cool
  2. After a few minutes, peel the almonds then blend them in the mixer
  3. Meanwhile, put the water in a high-bottomed pot together with the sugar
  4. Melt the sugar over medium heat, stirring constantly to prevent sticking
  5. Add the previously mixed almonds to the mixture
  6. Mix everything well until the mixture is firm enough but still malleable
  7. Remove from the heat and place the mixture just obtained on a slightly wet surface
  8. Roll out the dough gently so that it does not break then let it cool for 40 minutes
  9. Take the dough out, place it on a plate and put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours without touching it: it can break and shatter
  10. After 2 hours, take out of the fridge and work as you wish, deciding whether to use the dough to prepare sweets or to decorate cakes and similar.

Almond paste, variants
You can also add a few drops of vanilla essence to the dough if you prefer to lighten it or add almond essence to give the pasta more flavor.
To obtain the colored almond paste, you can add Alchermes to the dough to make it red or mint syrup to make it green: you get the same effect using the pulp of the fruit that also aromatizes it.

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