How to remove make-up with natural products

A face made up must also be removed in the evening. In fact, there are many products on the market for remove make-up from the face which turn out to be aggressive. In this regard, we will now illustrate you how to remove make-up with natural products completely harmless to skin health.

How to remove make-up from the face, natural remedies

A very effective natural remedy is the mix of olive oil and castor oil or jojoba oil, all easily available either in a herbalist's shop or in a pharmacy: as far as olive oil is concerned, extra virgin olive oil is preferred. Here's how to proceed

  • For those with oily skin, castor oil must never be below 30 percent of the total solution.
  • For those with normal or even dry skin, the percentage must vary between 10 and 20 percent of the total solution.

Application. After preparing the mixture, massage, in a circular way, all over the face and neck. After five minutes, rinse with warm water, twice.
Warning: to avoid staining your hair, it is enough to wear a headband

Another remedy for remove make-up from the face consists of preparing a very intense chamomile infusion: for the preparation it is enough to rest two filters for ten minutes in a glass of boiling water. Filter the chamomile and add a small glass of extra virgin olive oil and two drops of rose oil. Apply the mixture on the face, massaging the skin gently. Then proceed with the normal rinse.
In any case, the ideal solution is to use natural-based cosmetics. Organic products are less aggressive so to cleanse the skin a simple face wash with warm water may suffice.

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