Strawberry tree, properties and lots of useful information

Arbutus, propertyof fruits, leaves and flowers. Thestrawberry tree honeyas a source of antioxidants and active ingredients that have benefits on our body. Where to find strawberry tree honey and how to grow this beautiful plant.

The strawberry tree it is a plant belonging to the Ericaceae family that looks like a large bush or, if well pruned, like a small sapling with dense foliage.

The strawberry tree we find it mainly in the Mediterranean scrub countries, especially in Southern Italy, Sardinia, Corsica, France, Spain, Algeria and in the north of the African continent.

Its flowering takes place in autumn with small white flowers gathered in a sort of cluster. In this period the plant is a real sight to watch: at the same time, the thick green foliage bears white flowers and red fruits! Due to its beauty, the strawberry tree can also be cultivated for ornamental purposes.

Arbutus, property

Due to its beneficial properties, the strawberry tree it is used in the preparation of compounds for therapeutic purposes.

The parts of the strawberry tree that have greater properties and therefore benefits for human health are the leaves that contain tannins, resins and gums. There are also substances such as arbutin and arbutoside. Arbutin, pectin, hops, flavonoids and some vitamins including vitamin C are instead present in the fruit of the strawberry tree.

For the quality of its nectar, the strawberry tree flower is considered a precious source for the production ofunifloral honey. The strawberry tree honey, in fact, is considered a real panacea for health.

Infusion of strawberry tree leaves, properties

Once harvested, the leaves should be dried in dark and warm environments and stored in paper bags in dark and dry places.

According to experts it would have antidiarrheal and astringent properties, it would provide benefits to the liver and circulatory system as an anti-inflammatory. To counteract diarrhea and circulatory disorders, experts recommend a decoction made with 20 grams of strawberry tree leaves combined with as many bramble leaves to be boiled for 5 minutes in a saucepan with water. Just leave the mixture to rest for 10 minutes and then filter it. To ensure effectiveness, you need to drink two cups a day. With the infusion of strawberry tree, on the other hand, cystitis and inflammation of the bladder can be treated.

Arbutus honey, properties

Arbutus honey, a typical product of Sardinia, is highly sought after as it represents the last production of bees before the winter period: it is the period in which bees have a low productivity and for this reason this honey is considered particularly valuable and presents a high commercial value.

According to experts the strawberry tree honey it would have antiseptic properties, playing a protective role especially in the urinary tract. Arbutus honey has astringent and anti-asthmatic properties, and is also recommended to relieve sore throats and relieve seasonal ailments.

Thestrawberry tree honeyit has a very intense amber color and a less sweet flavor than the much more common wildflower honey. Due to its purity and because of its particular taste (bitter-sweet) it is one of the unifloral honeys most appreciated by connoisseurs.

Not just flavor: strawberry tree honey provides antioxidants and, a study conducted on healthy patients, highlighted the particular properties of this honey. The benefits of strawberry tree would see improvements in serum ferritin levels, particular enzymes in our body and an essential improvement in our immune system.

Where to buy strawberry tree honey?

In specialized shops, during beekeeping fairs or taking advantage of online sales. At “this Amazon address” there is no shortage of various proposals. I recommend choosing aSardinian strawberry tree honey (produced in Sardinia).

The high autumn drought of recent years is making production even lower and driving the price of the product skyrocketing. Too intense winds, drought and abrupt climate changes make it difficult to produce strawberry tree honey because foraging bees (those involved in collecting pollen and nectar from strawberry trees) find themselves having to face impervious weather conditions. No longer in line with the gradual changes of the season.

Arbutus plant, cultivation

If you wantcultivate the strawberry treeto savor the fruits or exploit themproperty, know that this is a far from arduous undertaking. It is easy to grow the strawberry tree even if you want to give it a sapling shape. In the guidehow to cultivate the strawberry treeyou will find all the useful instructions, even if you have to start from scratch and you need a plant (where to find it, how to plant it, how to care for it, when to prune and harvest).

Therestrawberry tree plantit has long been considered a symbol of Italy, since the nineteenth century, during the Italian Risorgimento. Giovanni Pascoli dedicated a poem to him (a 'ode to the strawberry tree). The coat of arms of the Province of Ancona presents a branch of strawberry tree with dorted fruits. The strawberry tree is a “legendary” plant not only in Italy. The coat of arms of Madrid (Spain) is represented by an strawberry tree and an hour.

Video: Arbutus Strawberry Trees in our Garden. Canada (October 2021).