Treat succulents

The fat plants now we find them in any garden or at home. The species are different, they have different shapes even if they share a robust and fleshy stem with many thorns. They generally have small dimensions and this allows them to be grown in pots as well. Because they adapt easily to arid climates, the fat plants they are more prone to inattention to watering rather than exposure to high temperatures. But in low light conditions they seem to have the worse than in a cold climate: the minimum vital is generally 5 ° C. But let's see in detail how to take care of succulents.

Care of succulents, directions
For the well-being of these plants it is essential to follow some basic guidelines, which you will find listed below:

  • Before deciding to plant a succulent plant, identify the most suitable place without neglecting the climatic conditions: there must be enough light in all seasons, even if not excessively
  • Make sure that the temperature is not too high in the summer months and not too low in the winter
  • Do not make the mistake of keeping them warm in winter: if exposed to medium-high fixed temperatures it would lead to flowering and growth at the wrong time. Therefore keep a temperature between 5 ° and 10 °
  • Don't worry too much about frosts but a temperature below 0 ° can be harmful to the plant
  • Do not overdo the watering, therefore moderate the quantities of water, keeping the soil moist in the winter: 1-2 waterings per winter month are enough, and then gradually reach a maximum of 4-5 in the warmer months
  • When planting, choose the most suitable soil which must be characterized by a permeable and porous structure, in order to avoid dangerous water stagnation: therefore almost all succulents love an acid soil, made of mixtures composed of draining material such as sand or lapilli.

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