SiFood: technology for not wasting food

For do not waste food first needs to understand where the waste occurs. FAO says with a September 2013 study that 54% of food waste occurs upstream, during production, collection and storage. The remaining 46% occurs downstream for two main reasons: excessive purchase of food and the expiry of alimony. The research adds that waste at the retailer or consumer level is higher in middle- and high-income regions.

Do not waste food is an environmental issue as well as an economic and social one. The further along the food chain occurs product waste, the greater the environmental consequences as the environmental costs incurred during initial production are added to those for processing, transport, storage and consumption.

Do not waste food is especially important at the home level. While in other links in the supply chain waste is potentially recoverable, at home the only manageable and controllable action is the prevention of waste through actions capable of avoiding the waste of food that is still edible.

TO do not waste food helps technology. With existing technologies it is possible to extend the life of food, track it and improve packaging, but consumer sensitivity is the determining factor. Therefore, awareness-raising actions are needed and it is necessary to analyze the habits of those who buy and consume food.

Under the motto of 'do not waste food 'for the sustainability of the food chain, SiFood was inaugurated in October 2013, a technological association led by Whirlpool R&D which includes 16 companies and organizations. Also in view of EXPO 2015, which has as its theme the nourishment of the planet, the purpose of SiFood is to ensure an overview of the agri-food chain by focusing on the consumer and the need to stimulate sustainable and balanced food consumption.

Two lines of research and development identified by SiFood in 2014 for do not waste food: rationalization of the purchasing process through the processing of Big Data (starting from consumer loyalty cards) and technologies for better management of expiry dates on the label and the deterioration of the quality of food.

The SiFood association is joined by: Whirlpool Research & Development, UL International Italia (IISG), Reply, Menfi Industria, MPE, Nanosurfaces, Mox Off, Far.Co.S., Ghelfi Ondulati, Happy Child, Cimplasta, Liuc Università Carlo Cattaneo, INSTM (consortium of 45 Italian universities focused on materials science and technology), Banca del Monte di Lombardia Foundation, Industrial Union of the Province of Varese and Varese Chamber of Commerce.

Video: Stop wasting food: Selina Juul at TEDxCopenhagen 2012 (October 2021).