Dill, property

The ownership of dill there are so many, so much so that this spice has been used since ancient times as a natural remedy for many ailments. Of the plant of dill both the leaves and the seeds are used, which are brown-green in color but are consumed only dried, since they don't smell good when fresh. Already in ancient times, at the time of the gladiators, it was thought that thedill could increase their strength, in fact the gladiators adorned the head and shared all their dishes with the seeds of this plant.

Dill, property
L'dill it has many beneficial properties, so much so that it would seem able to eliminate gases from the gastrointestinal tract; experts also claim that it has purifying properties: it would be able to eliminate waste deposited in the body, counteract water retention and counteract cellulite.

It seems that thedill is also suitable for those suffering from colitis or stomach cramps, thanks to its antispasmodic properties it would be able to relieve these discomfort.

Alongside the antispasmodic properties there are sedative and calming ones: drinking an infusion prepared with the seeds of dill it would help to counteract stress and insomnia problems. But the benefits don't end there, it can also be used to bathe your fingernails and toenails, as it seems to be very effective for strengthening and regenerating brittle nails: crushed seeds or leaves are great for making strengthening compresses. Furthermore, chewing on the seeds of this plant helps freshen the breath.

L'dill in the kitchen
L'dill it is very popular in Northern European cuisine for the preparation of fish, egg and potato dishes.

In Italy, dill, which recalls the flavor of fennel and anise, is used to prepare salads or to marinate fish, also excellent on boiled potatoes and as a seasoning for products dairy products such as Greek yogurt, cream or fresh cheeses.
As we have previously told you about dill, the leaves, fruits and seeds are used and can be found in health food stores or shops that sell natural products.

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