Like cycling to work

Like cycling to work

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How much do you spend on fuel for go to work? Have you ever thought about covering the commute from home to work, work to home inbicycle? This way you could save money and gain health. Although the place whereyou workis 10 km from your home, do not worry, pedal after pedal you will arrive in no time at all.Go to work by bicycleit is a way to take time for yourself, to take care of your appearance, keep fit, do good for the environment and safeguard your wallet.

  • Don't be discouraged
    Don't be discouraged even before you try. If you are new to thebicycle, in this article you will find all the right tips to not get too tired. If you don't have great experience behind you, forgo to work by bike, choose a cool day, better not start with the summer heat. If you deem it necessary, buy a pedal assisted bike or electrify your own bicycle with a kit.
  • Get organized
    How many kilometers are betweenhomeiswork? Are there any stretches you can do on the subway? Get a map of your city and plan your route by preferring any cycle paths: local administrations have spent good money to set up cycle paths ... it would be a real shame not to use them!
  • Uncertain climatic conditions
    In the morning the sky smiles at you, it seems clear… but that's when you disconnect from work torrential rain invades the streets. This is why close to the place whereyou workyou need to find a safe site where you can park your bike for at least 24 hours. To defend you frombicycle theftI recommend that you equip your car with one of these locks. If you get into the rhythm, it won't be uncommon the times you get off inbicycleand return by public transport (or maybe a ride!) due to snow or rain.
  • Safety
    Think about your well-being: make sure yoursbicycleis equipped with position lights, visibility must be the number one ally! If you travel after sunset, wear a reflective jacket and when the weather is bad, or simply to protect yourself from the wind, wear a k-way.

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