Lead and heavy metals: warnings and precautions

Lead and heavy metals: warnings and precautions

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Many of the products we use every day contain heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, manganese) whose presence is closely linked to the industrial and combustion activities that cause their movement in the environment. The lead, for example, it is a heavy metal whose use is extremely widespread, but it is also the cause of disease and possible intoxication.

The lead more than the others heavy metals it can be present in paints and other finishing products, in pvc plastic materials, in cigarette smoke, in car exhausts, in household dust where smog is deposited and also in some objects of common use especially in the kitchen.

Old-fashioned enamelled steel dishes and pottery can be at risk of releasing lead because they were made before the regulations governing their use. The same goes for crockery produced in countries where regulations do not provide guarantees. If you are uncertain about the possible content of lead dishes and any other items used in the kitchen should be avoided, especially for hot food.

Another thing to avoid is to personally remove old paints containing lead or others heavy metals like those mentioned above. During any façade sandblasting operations it is necessary to protect the interiors very well, closing and hermetically isolating the windows. During the works, the premises must be left free and reoccupied only at the end of the works once the cleaning has also been completed.

Paint or enamel residues, even those declared at low or minimal percentages of lead or others heavy metals, must not be discharged into sanitary pipes. The sludge resulting from the purification of urban wastewater causes serious contamination of the soil and the water system with serious repercussions on the entire ecosystem.

The lead it is very harmful to the human body and its biological activity heavy metal it is very investigated and well known. Saturnism affects all systems of the body, with main alterations affecting the central nervous system, the digestive system and the blood.

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