Retrievor, solar tracking device

Thanks to a micro-gadget asolar power you can monitor any moving body: cars, four-legged friends, bicycles, children… it is a particular systemGPS powered by solar power.The tracking device is able to forward, on a smartphone and in real time, the position of the object on which it has been applied.

Have you parked your car in a very crowded parking lot? You just have to launch the app on your smartphone and follow the signal sent by thesolar powered gps. The micro-gadget in question is calledGPS Retrievor and is made up of a unitGPSsmall and compact, perfectly integrated in a module of negligible dimensions.GPS Retrievorit has a diameter of 28mm and measures only 10mm in height. Its weight is 12 grams.


The size of theGPS Retrievormake this device perfect for hooking onto a bicycle frame or just a pet's collar or suitcase! It is not just the small solar cell that meets the energy needs of the micro-gadget,GPS Retrievor, just as it transforms sunlight into electricity, it manages to transform kinetic energy into electricity! In the absence of light or movement, charging via micro-USB is always available.

The accuracy of the tracking deviceGPS Retrievorit is particularly interesting: it discriminates the object to be traced up to indicating its position in an area ranging from 1.5 to 3 meters. In addition to being used as a mere tracking device, theGPS Retrievorcan perform an alarm function: the user will have to trace a "safe" area, so when the tracked object leaves this field of action, the user will be alerted with an SMS or an e-mail.


The first prototypes ofRetrievorthey can be purchased through a fundraising campaign at a cost of around 150 euros. Not a bad price for such accurate and cutting-edge technology!

Video: SOLAR TRACKER 11,2 KW (December 2021).